Impractical Jokers UK is the British version of U.S TV show Impractical Joker. Now in its 3rd season, this brand new series brings back Lee Griffiths, Matt Ralph, Paul Biggin and David Moon, with Matt Edmondson commentating. Each episode follows the four guys as they set ridiculous challenges for each other in public, with the loser facing a forfeit at the end.

Impractical Jokers UK follows the identical format of the U.S version, with the four jokers setting challenges such as seeing who can steal someone’s food at restaurant without them looking or parading around a beach in speedos pretending to be a swimwear salesman. Whatever the challenges are, they’ve already been done on the U.S version and it’s simply not as funny, because it’s nothing new or original.

Moving away from the actual format of the show for a second, the four jokers: Lee, Matt, Paul and David are a bit of a flop. The chemistry between them seems very forced and unnatural, sometimes verging on being a tad awkward and they’re not actually that funny. Although, they clearly try to be, the fact that they are evidently trying to stifle a laugh out of people just makes watching them very cringey and not funny at all- there’s just nothing worse than someone that’s trying to be funny and fails.

On the whole, Impractical Jokers UK is pretty much the American version, just not as funny… Well, not funny at all. The four jokers, although, funny at times, just don’t have the chemistry that is needed to make something like this work, it just makes watching it very cringey and leaves you finding yourself staring at the wall for the rest of the show because it’s less painful to watch. In addition to this, if you’ve seen the American one, you’ll be watching the same thing, just a crappier version and it’s just not worth the watch at all if that’s the case!


Dir: Paul Young

Cast: David Moon, Paul Biggin, Matt Ralph, Lee Griffiths

Prd: Alice Harper, George Sawyer

Country: UK

Runtime: 30 Minutes

Year: 2016