Lets talk The Rolling Stones. Just the name must bring up even the slightest image or connotation to mind, whether it be of a group who’s sound influenced 5 generations and brought the voice of blues to the forefront of music, or just that iconic tongue logo. However grand or mundane this band will have influenced you in some way or another, perhaps without your realisation.

Over the last few months the Saatchi Gallery has been overridden by this band’s history, with a 10 tier pioneering exhibition which studies every element of the bands life, music and image in detail, stretching a career that started half a century ago.

Rolling Stones-6580
Although from the minor details this may seem just sound like every other rock and roll music lovers dream, and you may be hesitant that this is just going to be like every other music exhibition that goes into way too much frightening detail, (cue music lovers delight and non-music fanatics yawn), although the level of detail is very apparent its the delivery that makes this not just an exhibition about a band that ruled rock and roll, but an exhibition that influenced the very nature of what it means to create a showstopper.

Rolling Stones-5315
Each tier of this exhibition has been broken down into the multiple different parts of the bands overall image, with each room breathing a life and soul of its own with user interface, technology and sensory experience being just as important as the artifacts and detail itself. The show revealed the bands starting out in life with their first dingy flat re-created as a walk-through space all the way up to the glitz and glamour of who they are today with a back stage concert experience and a 3D live show on a mock up stage.

The exhibition tier’s also include the art, films, fashion, stage design, album covers, recording studio and of course the equipment, all created in a sea of 500 pieces of original artwork, stage outfits, instruments, albums, signed contracts and even a recording studio where you can mix you’re own music. The show also features never before seen artifacts to delight all the rock and roll fans!

Rolling Stones-5129

Rolling Stones-5272

Rolling Stones-5189

So if you’re looking to catch a glimpse of this one of a kind exhibit and London’s top show of the year that is sure to set the bar for all future exhibits, then hurry on down to the Saatchi gallery.

Saatchi Gallery – Sloane Square – Closes: September 4th

Image Source: LD Communications

By Michelle Siddall

Michelle Siddall | Art & Design Editor | is a passionate art/design writer, graphic designer by trade and fashion blogger in her spare time. She loves all things bright, typographic and geometric.