So last week was a bit of an anomaly in that the column launched on a Monday, well normal service has begun. From this point forward Sunday is the day to read the Final Word!

Lets talk about sex baby, not the ritual of “making love” (that sounds so gross) but rather the notion of gender. The last couple of days were spent up in Blackpool at the 20th Rebellion Festival, and unfortunately it genuinely felt as though some of the views on display were 20 years or more old. I literally feel like I spent the weekend at some kind of Jim Davidson tribute act convention, when the fuck did Punk become about being a misogynistic ass-hat?

In the days spent in Blackpool, it must be said that I caught some really great bands, most of them fronted by kick-ass females such as Maid of Ace or The Ramona’s, but the flip-side of the days that I spent in the Winter Gardens were watching the fucking old men who decided that a stage was the perfect place to make jokes about fucking each others wives, or how their band was all about hot women. It’s 2016, and sure your band has been around for 40 years and you are considered by many a ‘legend’, but surely ideas must change with the times. I understand that people are going to write songs about searching for love and even sex, but surely there is a way to do it with class, a way that doesn’t undermine the last 100 years of women battling to achieve some level of equality. Perhaps a 50 year old man singing songs written 30 years ago isn’t what we should be identifying as Punk anymore, sure it is still a genre of music but perhaps it is time we gave Punk a new definition.

Bouncing Souls

The reason “there are no good punk bands emerging” is because those bands considered to be Punk have lost sight of what it is to be Punk, the most Punk thing you can do is show mother-fucking equality to all genders, races and sexual orientations.

Kiss My Acid

By all means, I’m not saying that my comments represent everyone, I think there are still those who were at Rebellion who know what it’s all about and are “punk as fuck” but a mohawk doesn’t always make you Punk, speaking up about issues and taking a stand makes you Punk! Standing up for women’s rights makes you Punk! Standing against fascism makes you Punk!

If there are any girls in Punk bands or female who frequent Punk gigs who read this, hit me up on twitter @shanebayliss (my DM’s are open) because I’m very interested to see if my opinions and findings are shared/felt by those on the front-line. After all these views come from spending two days in a very middle class music venue in Blackpool!


“I grew up in a place where punk rock kids fed the homeless in the town square.” Justin Sane, Anti-Flag