Next weekend Team Vulture Hound will be heading up North for our 3rd year covering Leeds Festival, it gives us a chance to watch a tonne of bands over three days and also meet up with our festival friends, who are just friends really but we tend to only see them at festivals. With that in mind, I thought I’d change it up a little this week and do one of those self indulgent lists about who you should see at Reading and Leeds Festival, after all I’m assuming that people actually read this which is self indulgent in itself, right?

  1. Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes – I make zero attempts to hide the fact that I fucking love Frank Carter and the rest of the Rattlesnakes gang. I’ve never dared tell him, but ‘Grey Britain’ by Gallows is an album that really ignited my passion for hardcore Punk, so I owe the guy a lot. The Rattlesnakes are just so intense, and every-time I’ve seen them play they’ve raised the bar and at Reading and Leeds, they are going to have a Main Stage crowd to mess with. I always harp on about ‘Leeds Moments’, and I honestly think Frank Carter will have one of those moments this year.

  2. Muncie Girls – British bands have been on fire in 2016, and anyone who disagrees with this has either been living under a rock or is a colossal ass-hat. One of those bands are Muncie Girls, they put out one hell of an album, and with sets all over the UK and Europe throughout the Spring and Summer, a slot on the Reading and Leeds Introducing stage will be the cherry on top of their epic 2016.

  3. The Dillinger Escape Plan – I’m not going to propose to be the biggest Dillinger fan in the world, I like their music and every time I’ve seen them live they’ve been pretty ace. The reason they make the list, is because everyone needs to see Dillinger live once in their life and with the recent announcement that they are going on an indefinite hiatus Reading and Leeds could be one of the last times to catch them.

  4. Russell Howard – The unsung heroes of Leeds every year are those who play the Alternative Stage because they offer a much needed break from the sounds of guitars and bass, and give you a bit of a chance to chill and have a laugh. This year fucking Russell Howard is playing, the dude plays stadiums and he’s going to be playing a tent in the middle of Yorkshire, crazy! There are some other great comedians playing this year, but Russell Howard is a comedy superstar.

  5. Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls – A bit of a nostalgic choice with the other Frank playing Leeds, but Frank Turner will take me back to my first ever festival season, which saw him play both Sonisphere and Y Not Festival within the space of three weeks. Frank will be the perfect start to our Saturday morning in Yorkshire, and sharing it with friends that I met bonding over Frank Turner two years ago will make it that little bit more special.


Honourable mentions go to HECK, Milk Teeth, Creeper and Waterparks, but that’s the joy of Reading and Leeds, there are so many amazing acts that you’ll struggle to find time to even have lunch.

Last Sunday news broke that Kenny Baker had past away at the grand old age of 81. I’m sure there is an obituary somewhere on Vulture Hound dedicated to the man who meant so much to so many people, but I just wanted to pay my respects to the man who was part of a film series that influenced so much in my life. Star Wars has been part of my life since before I can even remember, it just feels like it has always been there, I can’t remember the first time I watched Star Wars but I can remember going into the garden with my friend and using my Mum’s garden poles as lightsabres.


When I went to university up north in Preston, I found out that Kenny was a resident of the city and that he frequented the local Morrison’s supermarket (that’s where Justin Lee Collins found him anyway). The Morrison’s in question just so happened to be across the road from the local Odeon cinema (other cinema’s are available), so every Wednesday when I went to the cinema I would carry a picture of R2D2 just in case we ever bumped into Kenny whilst we were shopping for cinema snacks. I didn’t ever meet the man himself, but the fact that I might have always excited me. It’s a shame that I’ll never get the chance to meet him in Morrison’s, but on behalf of Star Wars and movies fans;

Thank you Kenny.