Back in November 2014, Dreamers burst onto the music scene with their self-released, self-titled debut EP. Media hype followed suit as did tours with Stone Temple Pilots and Atlas Genius. Now, two years later, the Brooklyn based rock band are set to drop their long-awaited full length debut, This Album Does Not Exist.

If the album is to deliver on the hype, it certainly begins unassumingly. Things kick off with ‘Drugs’, a simple formulaic song that wouldn’t have been misplaced on a tribute album to the rock anthems heard back in the early 2000s, before flowing into ‘Never Too Late To Dance’, a superb club-ready track of raw enjoyment. It’s from this track onwards that the album starts to take you on a trail of emotional depths. Continuing the fast paced excellence is ‘Sweet Disaster’, a catchy but misleading track; starting off slow and mellow there’s an instant connection with the lyrics which dissipates, instantly, when a thunderous chorus kicks in, dazzling and surprising you with hard hitting drums and guitar riffs. That energy and heaviness returns again on the tracks ‘Shooting Shadows’ and ‘Lucky Dog’.

Album highlight, ‘Pain Killer’, is a thrilling audio assault with it’s combination of energetic sound and boasting lyrics; “She will fill up your lungs, make me beg me for more, make you numb, she’s a Pain Killer”. And there’s plenty of other great lyrical moments too; ‘Wolves (You Got Me)’ tells the tale of meeting that one person who will have a destructive effect on us, yet we we can’t leave them no matter how hard they try; “You got me so lost just like you”. Placed in a typical pop-context, such themes would have a melancholy effect, however, the real strength of Dreamers is their unique way of combining unsettling stories with an upbeat backdrop to create the opposite effect. This feel-good, fun factor is a constant of the album, rounded off brilliantly by the dazzling rhythms of album closer ‘Little New Moon’.

With its blistering songs, endless energy and thought provoking lyrics, This Album Does Not Exist is a record for any fan of alternative rock.

Hype. Matched.


This Album Does Not Exist is due out August 26th via Fairfax Recordings.