Continue not to look at the carpet. We still haven’t cleared up that awful drawing we made on it.

Well, would you credit it? After a half arsed first episode where we spent more time admonishing our hero David Bowie’s first album than highlighting the positives we’re back with Episode 2.

Gorbachev extended a special invitation for us to record the episode in the deepest bowels of Kremlin so that we could discuss all thinks Space Oddity. From the title track to Memory of a Free Festival, we give our thoughts on each song in turn.

Also featuring the latest Bowie news, our verdict on the recent Bowie at the Proms evening and remembering the “mighty” Alan Vega. One thing is for sure. We are grossly in favour of Paul Buchanan.

You can listen to Episode 2: Space Oddity on Soundcloud or via iTunes by clicking here.