PODCAST: ‘Breaking Glass – The Bowie Catalogue’ – Episode 1: David Bowie (1967)

Today VultureHound is very excited to announce our throwing of the proverbial hat into the podcast world with our inaugural show.

Breaking Glass – The Bowie Catalogue is a fortnightly discussion between two overweight men named Adam & Mike.

Lovingly and with reverence we will focus on each one of David Bowie’s albums all through his 1967 debut all the way to Blackstar. They’ll be stops off on the way to discuss soundtrack works, live albums and yes Tin Machine!

Bowie will continue to be a source of strange, creative fascination for years to come and we hope to bring some ideas and notions to the music, all interspersed with our memories of listening to these songs for the first time.

You can download Episode 1, where we introduce you to the world of Breaking Glass and take a look at his first self titled album (you know the one where he still sounds like Anthony Newley) from iTunes.

If you want to join in the discussion, share your memories on Bowie, your favourite songs and moments or just tell us we suck you can find us at these places.





“Baby, I’ve been
breaking glass
In your room again
Listen” – Breaking Glass, Low (1977)