So dragging my ass out the day after the night before- on which I got back home from Leeds festival, cold, dirty, muddy and fecking exhausted- was not easy. But what more motivation does a girl need than Brawlers hitting a support slot for the lovely SWMRS.



Speaking on perhaps a slight biased tilt, already being a massive Brawlers fan, they killed this show. Metaphorically, literally and accidentally whipping the crazy kids up into a sweaty bleeding frenzy, Brawlers have tracks to make and break your heart, and a show to inspire your spirit. Completely natural born performers with a genuine connection standing on stage and asking you to join in with their fun. You just can’t lose with Brawlers. 



SWMRS the way to introduce this band is awful and so totally fucking annoying, one of them has a famous family member. I’m not going to mention that guy, and instead focus on these kids’ crazy enthusiasm, and talent. The reason this band should be known is that they have arrived with a sound unique and all their own, and a look that also sets them apart, SWMRS have massive potential and drew a wild and sold out crowd to The Sunflower Lounge on this night.

(I couldn’t get near the front to get pics of SWMRS, I’m hitting another show Monday, so will return with visuals! Apologies. )

By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.