Monday night taught me a valuable lesson: Forgetting earplugs at the noise-drenched venue of Underground is a serious faux pas, and if you’re foolish enough to do so then expect to be accompanied by a ringing in your ears for days to come. Yet regardless of the deafening that was endured, I’m glad that it was Allusondrugs who impaired me.

Opening were the gloomy punk band Spiltsville, and regrettably, I found them to be quite hard work. Not being able to sing is a quality that works for some bands, but frontman Jordan White’s weighty squawking was not something that I particularly found any quality in. Furthermore, the lack of passion or vigour offered by his bandmates left a sour taste in my mouth. Kudos to said frontman for attempting to steer the band to a more energetic place, but one man’s evident passion doesn’t exonerate the faces of a jaded band behind him.

splitsville (1)

Next up were the real deal, the band that I’d heard so many positive accolades about: Allusondrugs; and from the get-go it was evident that they were poised ready to sucker punch their quirky flair into the venue. Disappointment, sluggishness and cheap thrills were nowhere to seen, and the band had nothing but a tumultuously energetic performance to offer.

allusondrugs (14)

Untameable in attitude, and with all group members losing themselves in their own little worlds, their set played out to be something unique. The manner in which they dived around the stage like acid-addict fiends may have made me hold my breath in anticipation for an injury, but it’s a wild stage conduct that I’ll certainly never forget. It wasn’t just a gig, it wasn’t just another typical half-arsed set, it was a jaw-dropping life experience, wrapped up in a grunge-soaked, psychedelic bow.

allusondrugs (10)

The most interesting spectacle however was frontman Jason Moules, and his deep infatuation with the performance he was so effortlessly providing. There was no arrogance, no showboating or fake emotion, just a united adoration for music and art, alongside his equally as skilful band mates.

allusondrugs (12)

It would be easy to dub the band as being a more mainstream equivalent of Girlband, but the group’s riotous spirit sets them alone as being a must-see performance. I’m not easily impressed, but their show is simply the most inspiring that I’ve witnessed so far this year.

If you see one band this year, make sure it’s Allusondrugs.

Words by Keira Trethowan
Photography by Craig Taylor-Broad

By Keira Trethowan

Keira is a fanatical writer/editor from Cornwall. With coffee running through her veins, she can usually be found curled up in a dark room scripting a warped plot, or re-playing an album to the point of death.