Vulture Hound is looking back at 10 albums which turn 10 years old in 2016. This week Tyler Fudge wishes Alexisonfire‘s Crisis a happy 10th birthday.

Ten years ago this week, a Canadian post-hardcore group named Alexisonfire released Crisis, their much anticipated followed up to 2004’s eye-opening release Watch Out!, soaring right to number one on the Canadian charts.

Crisis being the band’s first album since the departure of drummer Jesse Ingelevics brought forth tunes like ‘Keep It On Wax’. Loaded with chugging guitars and gnarly bass tones, featuring all three singers going back and forth chanting; “The only thing cheap to you are your friends” and “Times change and people change with em’. Some people love to play the victim.” Obvious digs at their sheepskin pounding protagonist. One of, if not the best sentiment on Crisis is brought home by ‘Boiled Frogs’. Through the soaring vocals of Dallas Green, the gravelly tones of Wade MacNeil and with pure intensity, George Pettite and crew tell the story of Pettit’s father. We’ve all had a horrible boss or two; Mr. Pettite of which had a boss try to con him out of a pension which he worked hard for, referring to it being like frogs in a pot. If you slowly raise the temperature, the frogs won’t notice they’re being cooked alive. Layers of guitars, driving percussions to give this tune the added angst to paint a musical picture for the listener. Not all the songs are a heavy hitting melee, take a song like ‘We Are the End’ where the atmosphere is given a light and airy feel with clean guitars. Wade takes the reigns on tunes like ‘You Burn First’ bringing a dark and dreary sound tapping into their inner Trent Reznor.

If you look back twelve years in the past, Dallas Green could have become the certified lead singer with the success of songs like ‘No Transitory’ from the band’s 2004 effort, Watch This! Instead, Wade, George, and Dallas spread out the vocals to distribute the workload evenly giving each song the tender loving care it deserves, mixing post-hardcore, punk, and metal seamlessly to make a sound distinctly their own. Subsequently, they allowed other acts like F*cked Up and The Dirty Nil to reach mainstream success, at a time when it could be extremely hard to get radio play if you strayed from the cookie cutter format thrusted on us from big money music execs. Alexisonfire would disband in late 2012 allowing Dallas Green to focus on side project turned full-time job, City and Colour, although they did return for some festival dates in 2015 and 2016, but nothing has been set in stone as far as new music goes (yet).

Cheers to one hell of an album from one hell of a band.

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By Tyler Fudge

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