You Need Angel Hands – Preacher, Episode 6 (TV Review)

Straight back into where we left off last week. Fiore and DeBlanc explain to Jesse that his power is known as Genesis – the result of an angel and a demon’s coitus – Genesis isn’t a power its an embarrassment to both sides of good and evil and is not be used under any cost as draws both representatives of heaven and hell to seize control of a power that will threaten all creation.

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One such angel interrupts their conversation and attacks the Preacher and our heaven-escapees, but Fiore relieves the struggle with a bullet to her brain. Jesse, shocked and appalled by the attack/murder, is then stunned into silence as her body reinvigorates and comes after them once more.

A brilliantly comedic and violent scene ensues resulting in a pile of dead bodies from continuous re-invigorations due to copious manic deaths taking place.

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Another episode with another great start. However from that point on nothing of note really happens apart from the following;

Jesse refuses to return Gneiss stating that God wants it back he’ll have to come and get it. Spurred by this revelation Jesse fits a loud speaker to his church to spread his special kind of gospel to the entirety of his flock.

Miles the Mayor is troubled by the massacre of the Green Acre representatives at the hands of Quincannon covers up the murders via a staged car crash.

Cassidy’s crush turns out to be Tulip, Jesse’s Tulip and this makes him sad.the secret epi 4 resize

Eugene aka Arseface feels cheated by Preacher’s actions are robbing people of their choice to choose god and therefore a sin. His incessant nagging angers Jesse who commands him to go to hell which is of course taken literally and he is no more. This storyline is drastically altered from the graphic novel and it will be interesting to see what happens with this but I am still hopeful that it will have the same outcome and Jesse and Arseface become enemies. Eugene’s father is another character completely different, portrayed as a down-trodden and mentally beaten cop rather than the racist, homophobe sheriff in the novel. The introduction of new characters such as Donnie Scheck and Emily have got in the way and slowed the pace of the show in previous episodes and continue to do so here. I am not so naive that I thought the pages of the novel would be replicated on screen verbatim but I at least thought they would include similar arch and not just Jesse’s main story. There were points and introductions of characters that made me think something from the original was about to take place but alas I was mistaken. But to fair 95% of the content in Preacher is so depraved and so disgusting that there is no way it could be shown on pages let alone the television screen. All that said I am still enjoying the show, manly due to the cast, despite its shortcomings there is elements to keep this massive Preacher fanboy happy.


Dir: Guillermo Navarro

Scr: Nick Towne

Cast: Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Nega

Prd: Matt Tauber

Country: USA

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Year: 2016