“What’s Inside of you, It Isn’t God” – Preacher, Episode 5 (TV Review)

First two episodes really good, but last two episode not so much. So how to you please an unpleased Preacher fan? The Fucking Saint of Killers thats how!

The Wild West is rough and tough place; a den of iniquity and a vat of sin. but the cowboy is only here for his daughter’s medicine. An old enemy beats him up and shoots his horse making him late. As crows peck at his dead family it is clear that his era of peace is over.

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A good start.

Negga and Gilgun are again fantastic in their respective roles. So good in fact that they overshadow everyone else in the show. But together they are great here, bouncing off one another with quirky one-liners, nasty comebacks and their complicated bloody backstories.

Fiore and DeBlanc have a direct line to heaven but they are too scared to answer it after their failed attempts of securing the power that resides within Jesse. They head to Jesse to ask for it back personally and the true nature of his power is to be revealed.

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Jesse has been using his power at every opportunity to help the town become a better place, but consequences are coming as Donny sees through this, especially with Quincannon’s newfound kindness. However Quincannon’s piety is short-lived as a business meeting turns into shotgun massacre at his behest.

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A pleasant return to the promise of the first two episodes. We got a great snippet into the Saint of Killers story, progression in Jesse’s tale as the meat of whole arc began rolling again after a slow and tedious grind. We got blood, violence and heaven; a winning combination in my eyes. Keep it up please.


Dir: Michael Slovis

Scr: Craig Rosenberg

Cast: Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Nega

Prd: Matt Tauber

Country: USA

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Year: 2016