This is my first time visiting Tech-Fest and being the 5th anniversary I knew that I would be in for a major treat. Headliners of the weekend came from Napoleon, Animals as Leaders, Protest the Hero and finally Between the Buried and Me.

To start off the day From Sorrow to Serenity smashed the main stage bringing heavy breakdowns. The band recently brought out their debut album Remnant of Humanity (which by the way is amazing). Songs such as ‘Break the Mould’ and ‘Hellbound’ proved that they will be making a mark on the UK metal scene.

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Following FSTS was Belial who are no stranger to myself nor any of the crowd. They are basically the heaviest thing you could hear in Newark so I was happy. Being someone who has toured the UK with the band they really do not mess about with their disgustingly heavy gutturals and technical riffs, alongside being one of the nicest bands I have had the pleasure of meeting.

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Next on the second stage was Loathe who have recently joined Sharpetone records and announced that they would be playing Knotfest later on in the year…WHAT! So bearing this in mind the crowd was apprehensive to see what this next level local band was about to unleash upon Tech-Fest. Well there was two people standing on stage with bags over their heads the whole set which was a bit weird, however the band quickly distracted everyone from that.


Destiny Potato came on next…yes that is their name. Being one of the most demanded bands of the weekend you can imagine the crowd was massive. To be honest I had never listened to them nor heard of them so I was excited to see what they was all about. Quickly after starting I found that their music was incredibly well structured and mesmerizing. I left the set being a new big fan of their music.

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Fit for an Autopsy were next which for me was one of the most important sets of the weekend. I basically like music which rips your ears off and FFAA certainly do that. Anyone standing within the middle of the crowd would have been hit in the mosh pit or the biggest circle pit of the weekend which showed the intensity of their music. Joe Badolato has to be one of the best vocalists of the weekend and the musicians behind him collectively create a wall of beautiful destruction upon the main stage.

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However next to appear is Fallujah who I was also very excited to see. Getting to take photos in the pit then watching them side stage was a massive bonus which allowed me to fully appreciate their musical talent. Andrew Baird was one of the best drummers of the day and I was so excited to be standing a few metres away from him during Fallujah’s set.

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Last but not least was Protest the Hero, which by the fans queuing to go into the main stage you could tell people were excited. PTH sold around 200 extra day tickets for the Saturday so it was clear that this was going to be a busy and sweaty set. Playing fan favorites such as ‘Clarity’ and ‘Bloodmeat’ people were satisfied. I enjoyed the set massively considering I arrived at the festival not knowing what to expect from Protest the Hero.

As the day closed I felt like today had been a success. Being my first festival shooting I was very happy to have been a part of such an incredible festival.