Another week, another Agatha Raisin murder mystery. This week in the tiny Cotsworld village, Agatha investigates the murder of Mary, the girlfriend of James Lacey (Jamie Glover), who is found dead just before the village gardening competition- Forget about green fingers, somebody’s got blood on their hands!

The fourth instalment of Agatha Raisin kicks off with a seemingly peaceful start, that is, until, the local villagers wake up to discover several of their gardens destroyed by a vandal in the night, just days before the village open garden competition. The night-time garden attacks soon become the talk of the town and tensions run high as the villagers pass the blame around for the attacks. Then when Mary’s body is discovered, the village is sent into turmoil, but who is really to blame?

Agatha sets out to do some investigating as she begins to question some of the villagers about Mary and what they thought of the latest murder victim. As her investigation unravels, she begins to uncover some interesting home truths about Mary and soon realizes that everything is not as it appears to be!

Agatha Raisin and The Potted Gardener was a fairly good episode, better than last week’s but the humour still remained flat and was similar to that of a bad stand-up on Britain’s Got Talent, cringey and lacking any oomph. On the plus side, the murder mystery premise of the story was spot on and grew more interesting as the episode went on. Overall, the episode was both enjoyable and watchable and the main premise of the story was great, but perhaps they should give the comedy a miss as it’s just not working anymore!


Dir: Simon Morris

Scr: Sam Costin

Cast: Ashley Jensen, Jamie Glover, Lucy Liemen, Matt McCooey, Matthew Horne, Jason Barnett.

Prd: Sarah Didsball

Country: UK

Runtime: 45 Minutes

Year: 2016

Agatha Raisin, Tuesdays at 9pm on Sky 1.