Just a couple of months on from the release of their killer debut EP, Sponge State, Norwegian punks SLØTFACE are back with the surprisingly different ‘Take Me Dancing’. The feel-good-let’s-get-drunk-and-dance number is all the proof you need that the band, previously known as Slutface, aren’t just about rights-fighting and anti-fjord-mining. Listen in, below.

And while ‘Take Me Dancing’ seems comparatively light to pummeling predecessor Sponge State EP, it’s not without SLØTFACE’s signature snarl: “Some people were skeptical of us releasing a song about dancing and getting drunk because they felt like it made us ‘less believable feminists’, but that is kind of the whole point of this song,” explains vocalist Haley Shea. “The feminism we have faith in is all about individualism and being free to be yourself regardless of gender. Yes, we believe in equal rights for all genders, but we also like partying and drinking and sometimes we make mistakes, and that’s OK.”

The track was written in response – albeit decades later – to Big Star’s seminal track of 1972, ‘Thirteen’. “I was trying to write the girl’s answer to “won’t you let me walk you home from school?” because I love that song, but think it portrays a very chaste and old school version of femininity,” Shea says. “All we are trying to say is that it’s OK to let loose and have fun from time to time.”

Take Me Dancing Slotface

The band have also announced a string of new UK dates before the year’s end, including back-to-back club nights in London late October.

28/09 – The Lexington, London
27/10 – The Islington, London
28/10 – The Finsbury, London
29/10 – The Lock Tavern, London
01/11 – The Victoria, London
03/11 – Broadcast, Glasgow
04-11 – Fallow Café, Manchester

‘Take Me Dancing’ and Sponge State EP are both out now via Propeller Recordings.

By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.