The internet is in a frenzy right now. Current and former emo-kids are dancing around with excitement…

It seems My Chemical Romance may have ‘faked their own death’ after all. A teaser trailer has been released by their official Facebook page, the haunting introduction to ‘Welcome to The Black Parade’ plays as a new logo is flown on a flag. The picture fades to a date, 9/23/2016, one month before the ten year anniversary of the release of The Black Parade.

Predictions, speculations, hopes and dreams are being hurled around all social media platforms, what could it mean? A re-release of the beloved album? A reunion tour? Or could the New Jersey legends be following in the footsteps of Fall Out Boy and Blink-182 and getting back together for good?

Their official website has had a 2016 makeover featuring the new logo, new merchandise, and the tour page tells us to check back soon for more details on the upcoming tour.

Oh we will, MCR. We will.


What are your predictions for September?
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