In Dynamics

You’ve probably heard of In Dynamics. If not from the love they’ve been getting from the music press, then maybe because they’re the side project of Arcane Roots drummer, Jack Wrench. Along side brother William on bass and vocalist/guitarist Beau Boulden, Everything I See is the debut release from the Sussex trio.

Opening track ‘This Is The Start Of Nothing’ introduces listeners to the band’s emotive sound, haunting vocals are introduced before a scorching dose of heavy guitars and thrashing drums. Fluttering tempos and busy instrumentals accompany front man Beau Boulden’s  dark, sincere and punchy vocal tones, making for a real anthemic, sing-a-long chorus. ‘We Are Liars’ is a slower yet significantly more upbeat effort, which they pull off with ease. ‘In This Light’ and ‘The Weight Of Wait’ work in a similar vein, using guitar and drum layering techniques to build a solid foundation for Boulden’s vocals to dominate over. Oozing with weaving guitar lines and an atmospheric vocal performance, these stand out as two of the albums strongest tracks.

Showing they aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone, ‘Leviticus’ and ‘Vital’ provide respite from the album’s heavier moments. These sincere, delicate tracks aren’t busy but still effortlessly special, with spine-tingling guitar lines and percussion that seems like it’s drifting out in to the distance. Boulden’s vocal tones are something incredible, giving a sense of belief behind each and every line. These two tracks could very easily become crowd favourites.

Lyrically the album shines. None of those clichéd, overused sentiments feature here, as we’re instead taken along a path of thought, rather than the easy ‘what does the future hold?’ schtick. In fact it’s not until the album closes, with the underwhelming and lengthy five-minute title track, that we find the first negative. “Everything I See” is a phrase repeated over and over to the point of irritation. However, the vibrant guitar part rescues the track from becoming an outright disaster.

For a debut album Everything I See ticks all the right boxes, taking you through plenty of dynamic twists and turns. It’s this dynamism and carefully crafted sound which’ll see them stand out from the alt-rock crowd.


Everything I See is out July 18th.