With the spunk of State Champs, the heart of The Wonder Years, the quirk of All American Rejects, and a whole ‘nother thing that’s all their own, I introduce to you: With Confidence, the new Princes of Pop Punk.

Out with their debut feature length album Better Weather, these guys are making a running start and smashing through the gates. The video to the first single off the album ‘Keeper’ is already a regular on UK music television, and is the perfect introduction to this fresh, invigorating record.


With Confidence- four young guys from Sydney, Austrailia come with a story of a record, that plays almost like a diary, lyrically they tell of a journey with each song and audibly the music and vocals are totally heartfelt- Pop Punk really has moved on since Blink182.

The beauty of this record is the differences, you won’t hear two songs the same here, the album is layered- each song flowing into the next naturally but varying greatly., this for a first record takes guts and great skill. The beautiful quiet moment smack bang in the middle of the album, ‘Gravity’ is truly that, beautiful. And quieter and more poignant still is ‘Long Night’.


Having discovered With Confidence live first, I was more able to appreciate the record I think, for some reason making a connection with a band in person aids you in taking in their music on record, but this album is great, these fellas are bound to go on to do big things, I’m excited to see what. Whatever happens I’ll sure be there in the crowd, or blasting them at home, screaming loudly from my bathtub.

Album review score- 4/5 – Better Weather is out NOW.