Last week I raised a number of concerns regarding the pacing, lack of character and storyline development of Preacher, but unfortunately this week’s episode did little to quell any of my fears.

Jesse continues to be tortured by his responsibilities as a wholesome preacher and memories of his father. Worried about the falling numbers of townsfolk coming to church he believes he must do something to rectify this problem.

Quinncannon is still a massive thunderbastard when he remains unfazed by the death of a local prostitute who falls into a sinkhole on his land caused by the unethical and un-ecological waste disposal procedures pertaining to his meat packing plant. Quinnacnnon’s twat status is conformed two-fold when the nerdy mayor calls in to talk about the accident and leaves with a piss-filled briefcase. What a massive bastard.

Fiore and DeBlanc have spent to long out of heaven and are becoming tainted by earthly vices such as burgers and milk duds. They continue talks with Cassidy about Jesse returning the “power” he has inherited to its rightful place, a beaten up coffee can, by either summoning it via song or removing it by force via chainsaw. Cassidy uses the money he took from the Angel agents to get Jesse to come with them and spends it on copious amounts of drugs and women.

Strong, independant and hot-tempered Tulip is infuriated by the treatment of women in the whorehouse were her mother used to work and exacts revenge on the male guests of the brothel with a golf club, but in her fury takes it out on the wrong guy.

Tulip and Cassidy become acquainted through a comedic assault resulting in a shard of glass to the throat. On death’s door, Tulip rushes Cassidy to hospital only to find him drinking the blood cabinets dry in the ER.

To end the show, Jesse’s idea of filling the church by introducing a big screen TV giveaway seems to have worked and the staged promise of free land has even brought Quincannon to the pews. Using this to his advantage, Jesse, via the use of his “Voice of God” power, in front of the entire town converts the uncaring and unwilling Quincannon.

As always the show was shot, cut and acted out excellently, especially Jackie Earl Hayley playing Quincannon as a quiet, methodical psychopath is working very well. Joseph Gilgun is a joy as the maniacal Cassidy, as is Negga as Tulip, however both are in danger of stealing the show and overshadowing other characters. As mentioned previously the pacing and the storyline are really, really beginning to drag.

Things need to pick quickly if the fans are going stay interested.


Dir: Craig Zisk

Scr: Sarah Goodman

Cast: Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Negga

Prd: Matt Tauber

Country: USA

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Year: 2016