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Agatha Raisin returned for another murder mystery last night (June 21st) on Sky 1. This week Agatha investigates the murder of the chairman of the parish council, and whilst doing do, makes a dangerous mistake…

The episode starts with the parish council board having a meeting about allowing a nearby water company, Amcombe Water, to use the village to transport their water tankers. But the meeting soon becomes very heated as the rest of the council wait for chairman, Robert Struthers to cast his deciding vote. Much to the other members’ annoyance, however, he refuses to make the decision until the next morning. Come sunrise, Struthers is found dead outside the company buildings.

Agatha then makes a trip to Amcombe along with her friend Roy (Matthew Horne) to see if she can get any information from the handsome and charming Guy Freemont (Jules Knight, Holby City). Agatha, distracted by Guy’s heart-stoppingly good looks initially decides not to investigate the murder, instead helping Guy launch his new campaign. As always, however, Agatha soon finds herself investigating this week’s devious murder. Seeing James Lacy and his new girlfriend Mary in on the action, she kicks herself into detective mode, and is certainly in for a surprise.

As episodes so far go, this is probably the weakest of the three. After having the previous two seemingly straightforward cases, The Well-Spring of Death seems to go off on a slight tangent, with Agatha dabbling in Relations both Public and personal. Is this all really necessary? Probably not, and the general humour of the episode leaves a little to be desired. It lacked the clever one-liners and the sharp, witty dialogue of previous installments. The majority of the performances from the usually highly entertaining cast was also a a bit of a let-down, with only one stand-out performance coming from DI Wilkes (played by Jason Barnett of The Bill), who is just naturally funny and is entertaining throughout.

Overall, the episode was good. Not great, but good. The chemistry is still there, and it’s a shame that the humour we have become accustomed to didn’t quite shine through. With a whodunnit that your average Scooby Doo viewer could have seen through, we can only hope that Agatha finds her stride once again next week.


Dir: Simon Morris

Scr: Sam Costin

Cast: Ashley Jensen, Jamie Glover, Lucy Liemen, Matt McCooey, Matthew Horne, Jules Knight, Jason Barnett.

Prd: Sarah Didsball

Country: UK

Runtime: 45 Minutes

Year: 2016

Agatha Raisin, Tuesdays at 9pm on Sky 1.