Circularity is the newest release from band Star From Ivy, as well as a spectacular record it’s also a really interesting and complicated project. Tying in to activities in schools, politics and world events, the tracks on the album are completely multidimensional.

Concentrating just on the music, Circularity is a dynamic record, every song differs from the last. Standing out throughout is the bands audible technical precision, talent and passion. I came across this record as these four guys hale from my neck of the woods, with a million “local bands” on the scene, Star From Ivy are quite simply different. Knowing exactly who they are and what they want to do, they put everything into their band and their tunes and that tenacity shines through clearly in this record. They’re not a local band, they’re not a small band with big ambitions, they’re a band starting out on a journey that has to lead somewhere amazing.

Highlight for me is ‘Imago’, a quiet and slow song. Chris’ vocals with the later edition of a little violin action make this the most beautiful song that I find just resounding, meaningful and heartfelt. Another stand out would have to be ‘Soul’ as it literally stands out, with guitar wails worthy of a horror movie, this track is a rocking and spunky addition.

Burton-Upon-Trent cheers: “You make us Proud!”

Check out The Circularity Project here –

The album is available on Spotify and iTunes.