‘Someone’s Gonna Pay’ – Preacher, Episode 3 (TV Review)

And we’re back with another episode of the hugely controversial and highly entertaining Preacher. Following in the footsteps of last week’s episode, we are treated to the introduction of another fan favourite.

Tulip meets with an old friend, Danny, to exchange information. Danny takes Tulip’s information to a strange bald figure at a snuff-movie cinema. That man is none other than Herr Starr.


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Foire and DeBlanc, the angels on Jesse’s case, have a sit down with Sheriff Root explaining that they are Government agents looking for something that has got loose and should not be disturbed as they must find it before they run out of time. This is the first time we’ve really heard them speak and their low monotone cockney accents, uncomfortable mannerisms and emotionless facial expressions are all done for laughs and carried out perfectly by Yusef and Brooke.

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Last week Jesse began to realise the power he possesses; the word of God, a power which forces people to literally do whatever he says. In order to do good he asked a comatose girl to open her eyes and she now still lies in a coma but with her eyes open.

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The troubled Jesse shows his powers to Cassidy and the two attempt to figure out what it is; be it Jason Bourne or Jedi mind tricks, the possibilities are endless.
Tulip catches up with Jesse again but this time he is willing to talk to her to reveal his inner turmoil, but she shows him the piece of paper she received from Danny, triggering a flashback of the time when he and Tulip were ditched at the scene of a crime by a man named Carlos.

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Cassidy receives the coffin which he buried Fiore and DeBlanc in after their epic chainsaw fight by post, placing him on high alert. So when he sees two figures approaching the church he runs them over. Boasting over their mangled bodies he recognises them but comes to the conclusion they are clones. They rise again explaining to Cassidy that they are not here for him but the Preacher.

We return to Quincannon Meat and Packing Company showing wife-beating, civil-war re-enacting right-hand man Donnie struggle as a right-hand man without a right hand. His broken wrist is a result of attacking Jesse for interfering in his family business. He therefore follows Preacher to a gas station and holds him at gunpoint, but Jesse uses his powers to make him commit suicide. Well, almost… Jesse changes his mind last second and spares Donnie.

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Compared to the previous episodes, this was rather poor. The imagery, acting, and characters are all still great, but it is the pacing which is becoming my biggest gripe. The main Jesse/God story till hasn’t got going yet the revelation that Fiore and DeBlanc are from Heaven certainly planted seeds. But we are three episodes in and only have seven remaining so things need to get moving soon please.


Dir: Scott Wintant

Scr: Chris Kelly

Cast: Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Nega

Prd: Matt Tauber

Country: USA

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Year: 2016