Unless you were living under the rock, the 24th June was the day the UK announced the results of the EU referendum where certain members of society lost their heads. Thankfully, there was at least one event which offered some release from the constant coverage, youngsters Sertraline were opening their single release tour in Derby and we decided to head down.


Opening proceedings, a little later than originally billed were local band For The Kill. With a lot of heavy rock and metal bands, there is a tendency to take things a little bit too seriously, but For The Kill have got their priorities right.


First and foremost, playing live music should be about enjoying yourself, and it’s clear from the offset that For The Kill are here for the crack. Despite the humour dotted throughout the set, the Burtonian band clearly have one of those bonds that creates a tight cohesive unit, they prove that you can make good music and enjoy yourself at the same time.


With regard to headliners Sertraline, it is important to firstly praise one thing, that a young British band with no album behind them, are going out and trying to put on headline tours. Time and time again, the music industry has shown that you get nowhere without putting in the effort and putting in the hours, and Sertraline seem happy to put in this work. There is no big team behind them seemingly driving things, it’s a very unassuming feel to the set-up and approach of the band.


Musically Sertraline have potentially found a gap in the market place, mixing heavy hardcore riffs with a mixture of poppy vocals and the occasional demonic growl.

DSC_0156 DSC_0157

There is a tendency to write off bands fronted by females far too quickly, or even call them the latest [insert female fronted band here] but that would be unfair to do with Sertraline because there is a genuine argument to suggest that what they are trying to do is deliberately against what people are used to.


Sertraline are touring all across July, so check out their website http://wearesertraline.com/ for tour dates.