S. Craig Zahler’s Western is the second big Western film of the year, after Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, but cost a fraction of the budget. It follows a group of men, chasing after a group who are holding one of the men’s wife hostage. Kurt Russell plays the town’s sheriff who is equally determined to find his deputy sheriff. As they travel across vast landscapes, they start to truly get a picture of the group that they are facing, and the mountain of the task ahead.


With a strong cast, including Lost alumni, Matthew Fox, and Matthew Wilson, Bone Tomahawk is an interesting new take on the Western genre. The plot may be similar to that of other Western’s but the twists and turns the film takes helps to give the genre new life. In a similar way to this years The Revenant, the film does a great job of truly depicting the harsh nature of the world in which these characters live. As Richard Jenkin’s character says, “I know the world is supposed to be round, but I’m not so sure about this part”.

Patrick Wilson plays Arthur, a doctor who is determined to rescue his wife despite his injury, which continues to deteriorate as the film goes on. Despite numerous characters suggesting that he head back or to rest, he pushes on to his own detriment. His wife, played by Lili Simmons, plays a character in the wrong place at the wrong time, as she goes to attend a wounded prisoner in place of her husband. Their brief interactions at the start of the film increase the empathy towards Wilson’s character and can relate to the feeling of helplessness and his desire to save his wife from savages.

The film is a film of two halves, and may shock some viewers with the conclusion to the film. Bone Tomahawk is S. Craig Zahler’s first feature and shows great potential for future works. With a strong cast, and powerful performances from the men chasing the savages, the film is a highlight of the year. Its performance at the box office is a disappointment, and can only hope it does better on DVD sales and later on demand services.



Dir: S. Craig Zahler
Scr: S. Craig Zahler
Cast: Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, Richard Jenkins, Lili Simmons.
Prd: Jack Heller, Dallas Sonnier
Music: Jeff Herriott, S. Craig Zahler
Country: USA
Runtime: 132 mins

Bone Tomahawk is available on DVD now.

By Jordan Brown

I'm a 23 year old guy from Reading, England. Big fan of films and love writing about them. One of the few people who love the ending of Lost. And hello to Jason Isaacs.