Odonis Odonis

As we continue to evolve we take one step closer to becoming the perfect species, but in doing we also set up our own destruction. The seeds have been sown and Odonis Odonis have created its soundtrack. Post Plague is a dark, edgy, uncompromising yet intelligent look into the future.

Maintaining undertones of punk, it’s an album which combines the rough, heavy sounds of jagged guitars with distorted synths and a variety of electronic sounds – an industrial wonderland. It’s a sonic combination which really solidifies Post Plague’s meaning – after a disaster, those left must make do with what they can find in order to rebuild, possibly a better future.

Opening track ‘Fearless’, with its pulsating synths, transports you to a dystopian future (with Snake Plissken as your co-pilot). It’s reminiscent of 80’s synth soundtracks that accompanied films like Escape from New York, which seemed bizarre at the time but, in some respects, could actually be plausible. ‘That’s How It Goes’ channels that destruction of the human condition, with vocalist Dean Tzeno informing you that this dystopia is just around the corner as your ‘heart will grow colder’.

‘BLTZ’, the sonic equivalent of an angle grinder, channels the faster paced influences of industrial rock. Then there’s the anthemic ‘Needs’, a track which sounds like it should be played over the top of some futuristic gladiator death match, as the unwanted and disgraced in our future society are pitted against each other, watched and cheered on by the savage masses. Sounds extreme, and no one knows if that’ll actually happen, but if it does, at least we’ll have the music for it. 

Alongside these more adrenaline filled tracks, Odonis Odonis have also managed to encompass a more mellow side, as shown on the standout track, ‘Nervous’. Its structure feels more like a well crafted, if not slightly twisted, pop song. As complex as it is harrowing, it’s alarmingly loud but complimented brilliantly by Denholm Whale’s catchy and hypnotic bass line. It’s as foreboding as Black Plague gets, attributing mankind’s eventual downfall to its present obsession with perfection. The way we manipulate our appearance both online and in real life. It’s an unsettling yet insightful narrative of destruction. 

Most importantly, this album is a great listen, with a variety of well considered influences throughout. Be warned, take notice and be prepared – Post Plague is the dirty, sexy soundtrack to our dystopian future.


Post Plague is out June 17th on Felte.