Having just released debut EP Beneath the Spinning Lights, Witterquick are riding pretty high right now. The EP, produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Twin Atlantic) is a fresh sounding slice of punchy, melodic guitar rock.

To get an idea of what the Exeter 5-piece are all about, Vulture Hound caught up with 1/5th of the band, bassist Ollie Chanter, for a quick Q&A…


What three words best describe Witterquick?

Stadium, energy, fresh.

What can people expect from your debut EP ‘Beneath the Spinning Lights’?

Expect something new, expect to hit repeat, and expect to feel something. We focused on writing the songs only we could write, so expect something different.

What were some of the bands/artists you listened to growing up? And what influence are they having on your music now?

We all come from more or less different backgrounds, as any 5 randomly selected guys would, but that blend is what makes us unique. Will comes from a big stadium rock, Pink Floyd sort of background, Joe has firm roots in big stadium pop and epic rock. I had a mix of pop from my mums side and rock/punk from my dad’s side, so I listened to everything from Elton John and The Bangles, to Adam and the Ants to Metallica. You can find me listening to anything from smooth jazz, Thrice, Taylor Swift, and KoRn depending on the day. We all have a really eclectic taste, if a song is good it’s good, it doesn’t really matter who wrote it or what genre it belongs to. I think this has helped us become WITTERQUICK, we aren’t really limiting ourselves, we just want to write great songs and see what happens.

witterquick3Great songs, great coats.

We’ve recently had the Muncie Girls emerge out of Exeter, now yourselves, what’s the music scene like there? Do we need to prepare for an Exeter shaped music explosion?

The scene in Exeter has always been up and down, like most areas really. It’s quite for a while then something big emerges. It seems like in the last year there’s been a huge rock emergence down here though, with Black Foxxes, Moriarty, and Tiny Folds all from right near us. Maybe there’s something new in the water, but it definitely feels like there’s something happening in Devon.

What was it like working with a producer like Romesh Dodangoda?

It was a huge vote of confidence for us after having been a band for less than 6 months when he got us in. That was after Rise actually, we sent him demos of that and Fade Out and he called us right back! He drove past us actually after the last day with him, blaring a desk mix of Rise out of his car. That was crazy. Working with Romesh was awesome, he’s just a really great guy, really easy going, and really loves what he does! His credentials speak for themselves but he has a great feel for music and knows how to bring elements out of you.

Shit’s getting serious then?

You could say that. The last 3 or so months in particular have been insane. Ever since we put out our first demo things have seemed to snowball pretty quickly. We’ve had fans come over from Italy and Paris for shows in the UK, fans have got tattoos of our lyrics, signing with LAB was a huge milestone, and the EP hit the iTunes alt chart at #9 and broke the top 40 in the album chart…it’s all pretty crazy for us. It’s still very early days too.

WitterquickOllie Chanter (credit: Concrete Photography)

So Camden Rocks was pretty great this year. How was it for you and did you manage to catch any one else?

Camden Rocks was a big one, it’s such a well known festival and brings together so many great like-minded acts, so getting invited to play it was another tick box for us. It was a hot one though, real hot. There had been 5 or more bands on before us so it was hot and humid even before we played! We did a lot of jumping between venues, one of the benefits of everyone playing in such close proximity, but our buddies Black Foxxes put on a blinder!

So after people pick up a copy of ‘Beneath the Spinning Lights’ EP, what other new music should they be getting?

What more could you want?! Nothing But Thieves album is hit after hit, that’s a must own! Black Foxxes brand new album is going to be a game changer too. It’s not quite as new but everyone needs to own There is Only You by The Xcerts, those guys are just insanely good and that album is going to be a classic. Honestly. It’s a good time for rock music right now.


Last film you saw at the cinema?

X-Men Apocalypse.

Last album you bought?

Thrice – To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere.

Dream gig line up, Witterquick and which 3 other bands?

Real life? Xcerts, Nothing But Thieves, Brand New. Dream land? Gun’s and Rose’s, Motley Crue and Metallica, because I’m a stadium rock fan and I don’t care!

And finally, what’s your favourite dinosaur?
Pachycephalosaurus. They’re the ones with exposed skulls that do all the headbutting. They just seem mental.

PachycephalosaurusPachyecphalosaurus = Mental (credit: DK Books).

Beneath the Spinning Lights EP is out now via LAB Records. You can watch the brand new video for lead single ‘Rise’ (Directed by Duncan Howsley for LAB Exposure) below.

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By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.