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This week, Sky 1 brought us another fresh murder mystery with Agatha Raisin, the crime solving amateur detective in the Cotswolds, who faces hunting down the killer of one of the local church bell ringers- which rocks the locals in the small village of Carsley.

The episode starts with the new group of church bell ringers getting in some practice of their new positions, but the group don’t exactly get off to a great start and are shockingly bad at trying to muster up some sort of tune from the bells. A squabble soon breaks out between the group and they end up calling it quits for the day.

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Later that evening, Agatha (Ashley Jensen), who is part of the new bell ringing group, hears the church bells ringing and decides to go and investigate. She is met with a nasty surprise however when she finds one of the members of the group, Amanda, hanging from one of the bell ropes with a suicide note beside her. But is it really suicide? No, of course not, it’s another murder mystery, full of twists and turns for Agatha to get her claws into.

This week’s episode of Agatha Raisin is most definitely stronger than the first. The comedy level throughout the episode is much higher, and it is certainly funnier, with several supporting members of the cast chipping in to kick up the comedy factor, with laugh-out-loud jokes and one-liners being thrown left, right and centre from the start. Matthew Horne, who plays Agatha’s friend Roy also makes more of an appearance and just oozes comedy. Horne’s performance throughout the episode is brilliantly funny and he compliments everyone else’s performance as well.

As well as the humour being stronger, the murder plot is also a lot stronger than the first. As Agatha delves deeper into the case surrounding the victim, she uncovers a number of twists and turns, which are done very well and make for a very interesting watch as the case unfolds. Again, the flow of the episode is very smooth and doesn’t leave any room for unnecessary time-killing scenes.

Overall, Agatha Raisin: Hells Bells is a definite improvement on the first episode. The humour is funnier and will make you laugh within the first few minutes, with clever one-liners and the appearance of characters such as Roy (Matthew Horne) giving the episode an extra boost, with Horne’s excellent performance and brilliant chemistry with Jensen. The murder case is also a lot more interesting and complex, with twists and turns that are clever but easy to follow- A definite must watch!


Dir: Simon Morris

Scr: Sam Costin

Cast: Ashley Jensen, Jamie Glover, Lucy Liemen, Matt McCooey, Matthew Horne, Jason Merrells.

Prd: Sarah Didsball

Country: UK

Runtime: 45 Minutes

Year: 2016

Agatha Raisin, Tuesdays at 9pm on Sky 1.