We’ve got three guys hitting DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL this year to get you the lowdown. Pre-Show, these are apparently the sets you really shouldn’t miss…

Kimberley’s Top 3:


Zoax are the nicest people, the coolest performers and the most different sound you’ll hear at Download or any Festival this year, or any year; any time soon. The magic is in their quiet moments, listen for it! “Is anybody listening?” ‘cus you bloody should be!!


To be a fangirl I could just write Caleb Shomo as a reason to watch Beartooth, but I’ll try and be more succinct. Beartooth are Hardcore are it finest. Rife with emotion, meaning and POWER. Come check them out and you’ll feel it in your gut. I’ll be the tiny lady thrashing around somewhere in the middle…


Frank Carter is the most intimidating fucker I have ever been near in my life. But I completely LOVE HIM! He’s actually a sweetheart, and his songs are straight from his heart and he means every word, you can especially feel it; as he screams it. Right in your face. Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes are the new thing, miss them and seriously miss out.

Shane’s Top 3:


Let’s say that someone left the cage door of a Lion enclosure open, HECK are the musical equivalent of the carnage that would ensue. There is no stage in the world that could contain the energy and performance, with HECK you know it’s going to be an interactive experience.

Black Peaks

Did you hear ‘Statues’? If you answered yes, then you don’t need persuading to go and catch Black Peaks. If you answered no, then you need to catch the undisputed future of the UK music industry, and future Download headliners, with a fresh sound both heavy and melodic, Black Peaks have the potential to fill that void between hardcore and marketable rock music.


With Donald Trump on the verge of running for president, and Nigel Farage telling citizens of the UK that the ‘boogeyman’ is coming in the form of ‘millions’ of immigrants, you will be able to rely on one band to tell it how it is at Download. Anti-Flag have been speaking out for 20+ years, and Download festival gives them the perfect stage, expect protest songs and Punk Rock sing-a-longs.

Thomas’ Top 3:

Janes Addiction

Before I knew what good music was , I knew what good music was. I remember in the early 90s one of my posher friends had Sky TV and he used to whack in a VHS (I hope I don’t need to explain what a VHS is, you can Google it) and record Headbangers Ball. One of my most watched videos on those VHS’s was ‘Been Caught Stealing’ by Janes Addiction, in my prepubescent addled brain this was an absolute masterpiece, both the song and the video. I’ve never managed to catch them live so to see them at Download is going to be a treat.

Juliette And The Licks

Juliette Lewis is my favourite. Like, actually I think she’s my favourite person in the world and I’ve never actually met her. I’ve seen her live a few times both with and without ‘the Licks’. Each time was more exciting and exhilarating than the last. Juliette is an absolutely fantastic front woman, she connects with the crowd and feeds off of their energy in a way I have rarely seen before. Juliette and the Licks, for me, are unmissable.

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden were the soundtrack to the begin of a rebellious youth but I never got to see them live; as you can imagine I am over the moon to get to see them at what I believe is their spiritual home. Download to me is Monsters Of Rock and Monsters Of Rock is what a band like Iron Maiden were made for.



Obviously there are a LOAD of other amazing acts on over this weekend, many that as of yet, we’re probably unaware of completely, mix it up- go and check bands out you’ve never heard of, catch an NXT show and have fun with your friends. Everyone look out for each other and have an amazing weekend!