Oh! The playful world of fantasy, good-will, spirit, and the burning desire to be more. The Peanuts Movie celebrate the story by Charles M. Schulz and his delightful imagination and stride for success. We witness a display of well-designed rhythmic animation that brightens the souls of not only the youth but adults whom still dream and desire bigger and brighter things.

We see Snoopy! Almost, a manifestation of Charlie Brown’s imagination, come to life in this beautiful array of soft colours and glossy animation. The audience watch how Snoopy floats, plays, has confidence in the reality of harsh judgement. We watch how Snoopy battles the oh-so notorious red baron in his battles to save his heroine. Almost mimicking Charlie Brown, and truly showing him how to get the work done. Metaphorically working as, a mentor in guiding Charlie brown to his fullest potential. As Snoopy battles the red baron- the plane that destroys Charlie Brown’s book report, we watch how Snoopy comes to his rescue in battling this treacherous plane consisting of enemy, hatred, and walls that block us from our truest potentials. It truly is the flying ace v the red baron- war references inspired by Schulz upbringing and personal ventures. It’s the battle of the human soul v the hurtful society of those who lack pity.


Flying along, we cannot forget all of the recognisable characters from the traditional Charlie Brown cartoon; Peppermint Patty, Lucy, Schroeder and his partner in crime Linus. As well as so many more. Characters whom indeed mimic social realism and represent real-life personalities that walk the shadows of this earth. From the unfavourable Lucy to the musical Schroeder to the real life conscious Linus, the audience are presented with characters to relate, identify or most charmingly reject in a playful manner.  The narrative illustrates a rather harmonious view of life with shadows of realism and sheer pleasure to fathom. Funnily, presenting a sprinkle of pathetic fallacy from winter to summer- almost mimicking the turnarounds of moods from Charlie Brown. We witness enlightenment and hope- that reminds the audience that they is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.  The audience watch amusingly how Snoopy consistently tries to sneak into the school – almost, quite possibly, representing elements of rejection, levels of prejudice behaviour that occur in the real world. The constant ‘no dogs’ allowed muttered at him within the movie. The real human battles faced by the individual from society in order to gain success.

snoopy 3

We watch how a new attractive girl moves into the neighbourhood. How Charlie Brown develops a crush on her, and how this crush develops into a conquest. A quest of getting the little red haired girl to notice him.  A beautiful quest that allows Charlie Brown to understand the real treasures that await him, and how ‘life is what happens whilst making plans.’ Charlie battles the odds. The fiery unbalanced rattles of life. The unfair turbulence. The abundance of sadness and despair. Charlie fights. Eventually discovering that with persistence, a sprinkle of authenticity and pureness- you will fly higher than the red baron of doom!

Because, Charlie Brown is not a quitter.

Hip-Hip Hooray! A beautifully illustrated animation with a classic recognisable narrative brought to the big screen.  Not only for the kids, but for all those cartoon lovers out there! A flight of wondrous joy indeed.



Dir: Steve Martino

Scr: Bryan Schulz, Craig Schulz, Cornelius Uliano, Charles M. Schulz

Cast (Voice): Noah Schnapp, Noah Johnston, Bill Melendez, Hadley Belle Miller

Prd: Paul Feig, Bryan Shulz, Craig Shulz, Michael J Travers, Cornelius Uliano

DOP: Renato Falcao

Music: Christophe Beck

Country: US

Year: 2015

Run time: 88 mins


Snoopy & Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie is available on Blu-Ray and DVD now.