I’m only a little ashamed to admit that I’m a TV junkie. I have been since I was a kid. I measure my year by TV seasons so this time of year is always a struggle. Saying goodbye to some while welcoming others back. And then there are those shows that will be there for you all year-round, to re-watch again and again.


30 Rock

No matter what problem you’re struggling with, the solution can be found in 30 Rock. The comedy follows Liz Lemon, Tina Fey’s alter ego, as she traverses New York City life, trying to “have it all” with the help of her mentor, Jack Donaghy. The storyline is solid, but it’s obvious the cast has fun with every line. The characters are completely insane and, somehow, totally relatable because deep down we all hate people and love food as much as Liz Lemon. Almost every moment of the show is a joke, some crass slapstick with just as much sharp wit. You can re-watch each episode a dozen times and you will unfailingly find something new to laugh at (trust me).


Broad City

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson find adventure in the simplest tasks. Every errand is full of random twists and turns, leading to shocking, but inconsequential events (think Always Sunny in Philadelphia). In the first two seasons, a brand new viewer can jump in on any episode and catch up quickly: Ilana and Abbi are inseparable best friends. Got it. Ilana is kind-of dating Lincoln (played by Hannibal Buress) but still actively swiping right. Cool. That is the foundation of the show and while a lot happens, the story never changes. Season three introduces some significant plot developments that offer room for the characters to grow. It’ll be interesting to watch these Kweens mature throughout the next season.


Game of Thrones

Obviously. Who isn’t watching? At this point, I’m resigned to the fact that I will keep watching this show, despite no longer caring what happens. I can either watch it or read about it on Twitter so I choose to watch. Also, I need to see Ramsay die a painful death and just a couple more good things happen to Sansa.