The sounds of The Movielife and I Am The Avalanche don’t exactly stand out as potential acoustic covers, but whilst giving audience’s a preview of his forth coming début solo album Vinnie Caruana was nice enough to bring us a greatest hits of his various projects. Speaking to him earlier in the day before taking the stage at Nottingham’s Bodega Social Club, Vinnie made it clear that this tour was all about having fun and just extending his stay in the UK following The Movielife’s “European Vacation” and that he fully intends on returning to play more tracks from ‘Survivors Guilt’ later in the year.

Following a pleasant and highly enjoyable set from local support act George Gadd, two thirds of Scottish trio The Xcerts take to the stage.DSC_0035Although billed as a solo set from lead singer Murray Macleod, bassist Jordan Smith (also acting as tour manager) played through a strong set of Xcerts tracks and a handful of well placed covers.DSC_0037The gem of Macleaod’s set was the amusing “banter” driven by a couple of nerve calming alcoholic beverages, that and a goose-bump inducing accapella section of the set.

DSC_0073There is something oddly compelling about a man on-stage with just an acoustic guitar, you are just in from the get go and no matter if you know the words to the songs or not, there is a level of balance that sweeps over you. Vinnie Caruana knows how to break down the punk tones of The Movielife and the hardcore tones of I Am The Avalanche to create something that seems organic and original, if you hadn’t heard these songs before you’d never know this wasn’t how they were originally put together.DSC_0055With regard to songs off the new album, it will be interesting to see how different they will feel when he has a full band behind him, as although some are acoustic; the Vinnie Caruana solo project isn’t actually just an acoustic project ‘Survivors Guilt’ has a raw power that is yet to be witnessed on stage.DSC_0075

By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.