Tiny Moving Parts

It’s easy to define the word ‘celebrate’. It can mean slightly different things to different people but it always carries uplifting notions of positivity and happiness. As far as words go it’s pretty damn unambiguous. No surprise then that Tiny Moving Parts, a band synonymous with reassuring, catchy emo-rock, have decided to call their latest album Celebrate. An organic and authentically optimistic record that encourages a disconnection from life’s worries and anxieties. The Minnesota trio yet again perfectly conveying what it feels like to be trapped in a nervous body, and admitting that it’s okay.

“Nothing is ever good enough”; the album’s opening lyric and a statement that kicks down the door to the party, rather than politely waiting to be invited in. Here begins a wave of personal reflection, which continues from track to track, each song grabbing you with a single line or relevant chorus. With simple yet meaningful lines, Celebrate taps in to an honesty that truly resonates.

‘Happy Birthday’ has a few lyrical moments that stand out; “Getting stoned in the back of a car, you have no idea where you are, but you’re satisfied with life and you don’t think twice of it” and “I think I think too much” will chime perfectly with some, while title track ‘Celebrate’ is littered with lyrical gems about admitting fault and feeling vulnerable. ‘Minnow’ captures lyrics like “I want to believe that I’m okay on my two feet, I’ve made mistakes and now I’m making my own bed” and “I don’t want to let you know that I tend to slip at moments where I need a grip and have to focus”. Mid-album fist-pumper ‘Stay Warm’ stands firm and protests – “Never lose your focus, your sense of direction, is this too much to ask for?”.

Possibly the stand out lyric on Celebrate comes towards the end of the album on the track ‘Volumes’. “I sit around I think about how loud this silence can sound, but these drinks make me happy. Temporarily until the morning”, without judgement or discouragement Tiny Moving Part’s perfectly capture that feeling of seeking temporary happiness.

Celebrate is a rhythmic party, an incredibly uplifting scream-a-long. By allowing us to feel okay in moments of fear, distress and weakness it reminds us that those dark times are only fleeting. With uncanny precision Tiny Moving Parts have produced a record that paints a familiar landscape, one which we will all walk through at some point in our lives.


Celebrate is out now via Big Scary Monsters.