Two hundred bands across twenty venues on one day is a whole lot of music and ground for any person to cover. So here at Vulture Hound we thought that we would help you out on what bands to check out at Camden Rocks Festival with a top ten list.

Norma Jean 01

Despite Norma Jean‘s first album, Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child, being littered with brilliant moments, you’d be forgiven for thinking it would be a flash in the pan. What’s occurred in the following years is a band consistently finding and destroying their sound. Their last album, Wrongdoers, was their strongest to date and marks a band well on their way, if not already there, to being iconic and copied by newcomers.

Sikth 2015. Tina Korhonen 2015.

When I first heard Pussyfoot by Sikth I knew that this was a band that were dangerously innovative and brilliant. Recently reformed and with a new album out, the band are still light years ahead from other metal bands and ahead of the curve in every respect. Hopefully they will be sticking around in the music industry for much longer but just incase they don’t, check them out.


Springing up to mainstream popularity with their debut album, Overgrown Eden, Inme were a little too grunge light for me. However, since their second album, and dropping out of the public eye, the band have proved that they are a whole lot more than a Nirvana copy band developing and evolving a new sound that is intensely technical, heavy and yet still delicate. Maybe their best days are past them now but I for one, am real excited about being able to catch the band live.

Evil Scarecrow

In a genre where bands cross their arms and make serious facial expressions or else Evil Scarecrow are something of a revelation. Not many musicians will be able to say on their death bed that not only did they manage to create a slab of doomy metal, but they also managed to convince a whole audiences of people to pretend that they are crabs. Even if you aren’t a fan of the bands music, this will be a sight to behold.

Freeze The Altantic

Although they would probably never say this, Freeze the Atlantic are a supergroup. Featuring members of Hundred Reasons and Reuben, both iconic bands from my later teenage years, Freeze the Atlantic tread the same line as the two former bands without ever doing a disservice to their histories. Sure, it isn’t going to be reliving my youth but at my age, this is probably as close as I’m going to get.


If Biffy Clyro had stayed surprising and inventive instead of becoming that anthemic rock machine that they are now then maybe they’d sound something like Samoans do today. Tempo changes, spits of distortion, quirky guitar melodies and occasional post-rock sensibilities are all on the order menu as Samoans continue to prove that they are a surprising and interesting act to listen to with the capability of becoming a cult indie band much in the same vein as youthmovies were years before.


What the hell ever happened to Pendulum? Well, I don’t think anyone really cares since The Qemists have come along. Doing that whole thing mixed with a more punk Prodigy thing, The Qemists might be a couple of years late on the whole scene but hell, they are doing it better than anyone else (including Prodigy themselves). Filled to the brim with attitude, energy and more importantly, tunes, The Qemists will definitely be bringing the rave to Camden Rocks.


Every magazine that I read at the end of 2015 had an article claiming that Creeper were one of the bands to watch out for in 2016. If the hype isn’t enough to convince you to check them out then maybe this will… just think of The Misfits fronted by Nick Cave and you’ll still be nowhere near figuring out the band. Unashamedly gothic and punk, I’ll be bringing the eyeliner if you bring the black hair dye.

Black Foxxes

Living in Cornwall means that I don’t get to call most bands my own. While Black Foxxes are Exeter based and a good ninety minute drive away, they are the closest hometown band I have here. Emotionally discordant, the band’s latest song Husk shows a band at the height of their abilities molding distorted hooks with melodic chorus’. If the bands latest single is anything to go by then we’ve all got a bit of a treat here.