Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

“Everything happens for a reason” is the common response that your friends chirp when you tell them some bad news. Maybe you were mugged and left with a fractured skull, or perhaps the label you were about to release your next record on happens to be funded by a maniacal hedge fund manager and suddenly dissolves.

Life is chock full of set backs, but out of these hardships often arises something beautiful. Philadelphia-based rockers NOTHING, led by Domenic Palermo, present a musical snapshot of tangibly difficult moments in life inspired by jail time, being mugged, losing his father, and being signed to a label funded by Martin Shkreli.

Tired of Tomorrow is NOTHING’s sophomore LP. It is a beautifully haunting amalgamation of emotional vocal lines, dark lyrics and heavy sounds. The aforementioned heavy sounds were prominent on NOTHING’s 2014 début release Guilty of Everything, which featured appropriately loud and fuzzy guitar tones. Tired of Tomorrow is a different path for the band but many elements reference back to the themes on Guilty of Everything; themes that depict the trials and tribulations one faces when wading through the human experience.

Overall this album presents music dripping in pure, unadulterated emotion through simplistic – but eerie – melodies and a pleasantly loud and enthused instrumental section. First track ‘Fever Queen’ is a perfect start to the album, setting the tone for the rest of the record. It opens with striking, heavy, fuzzy guitar chords, ambience effects and driving drums, which serve to create a wall of sound. This gives way to a very eerie and captivating vocal melody.

Both ‘Fever Queen’ and ‘The Dead are Dumb’ present the extremely effective simplicity that is a constant throughout this record. While the vocal lines are very simple and usually stay in a very small range, they are extremely effective and haunting. This simplicity is also present in the instrumentation: just a simple rock quartet but the production makes this tried and true combination sound absolutely massive.

‘Nineteen Ninety Heaven’ (which happens to be my personal favourite track), opens with a relatively clean guitar tone, still containing a fair amount of grit, and an industrial drum beat, a very interesting and stimulating juxtaposition. The vocals then come in immediately calling forth a blizzard of chills to rocket up the spine whilst evoking that deep nostalgic feeling that is commonly associated with the indie rock scene. This song builds very organically, climaxing to include violins and an excellent female vocalist. Meanwhile, other songs like ‘Curse of the Sun’ and ‘Eaten by Worms’ present the heavier side of the band.

NOTHING’s Tired of Tomorrow is a release packed full of emotion, pleasantly haunting simplistic melodies and crushingly loud guitars and drums. The mood is consistent, both lyrically and instrumentally., and every aspect serves to create music that portrays the darkest days of life while at the same time being a record that metalheads and hipsters can equally enjoy.


Tired of Tomorrow is out May 13th on Relapse Records.

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