Noel Gallagher

It’s alright to know you can’t go back.

Actually it’s very good indeed. On Sunday the 24th of April Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds flew up (pun- I actually think they came by coach) to the North East of Scotland and the city of Aberdeen for a gig hosted at the AAEC. It was a blustered sleety night in the granite city in the grip of a late Arctic blast so it was very much appreciated that Gallagher put some heat back into the tortured souls of Aberdonians coming to the end of another long dark winter.

The former apprentice bricky strolled onto the stage to the usual idolization and got straight into it opening with the orchestral ‘Everybody’s on the Run’. Next was a couple of songs off his latest album Chasing Yesterday– ‘Riverman’ and ‘Heat of the Moment’. Then, customary after his first three songs, Gallagher had a bit of banter with the crowd although I couldn’t understand a word he said (even by Aberdeen standards he speaks fast).

Noel Gallagher

Back to the job and came the song of the night- ‘Champagne Supernova’. Love them or hate them when an Oasis track is played it does something to people. The audience went up a notch, lads got on top each others shoulders, shirts off and arms aloft, the tin sheet roof could have blown outwards into the storm rather than inwards into the crowd.

Next Gallagher tested some real golden oldies with ‘Girl with the Freaky Teeth’, ‘Listen Up’ and ‘Half the World Away’ played in quick succession. Then came ‘The Mexican’ (another track from the latest album). After this the Guv’nor as he’s referred to strolled off stage. I turned to my companion in disbelief. ‘Encore’ he grinned, and he was right. Change of shirt Gallagher was back to finish the night on the only songs you would finish a night if you wrote them and had any sense. An acoustic version of ‘Wonderwall’ with a couple of wasted tweaks to the melody which no one followed (everyone just sang the original tune), then came ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ and on the famous opening riff even I, a conservative concert goer, had my arms around the necks of the people round me straining my neck singing to the ceiling.

Yeah it’s nothing new, but we certainly don’t look back in anger. No tricks or chance, just what the doctor ordered. Ever the professional the Guv’nor came the Guv’nor saw the Guv’nor conquered yet another corner of the world.

And I didn’t even mention missing some famous sibling of his…

After a month in the US Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds will be performing at Kendall Calling Festival on the 28(29)/7/16 then the Y Not Festival, Pikehall on the 30/7/16.