Since uniting in 2011, Napoleon have made a name for themselves. In their time together, the UK-based four-piece have often been compared to the likes of Architects, At The Drive In and Propaghandi by critics and fans alike.

Having honed their skills in live arenas, the band are finally putting their abilities to good use on new album Newborn Mind. This album immediately makes an impact with the opening track ‘Dystopia’, letting fans know that the bands attitude certainly hasn’t changed. Combining the right mix of punk and rock together, along with Wesley Thompson’s passionate vocal delivery, sets the tone for the non-stop first half of this explosive album.

But it’s ‘Brought Here To Suffer’ that stands out from the rest of the album as a shining example of Napoleon embracing their punk attitude fully. The album then shifts the momentum as ‘Maps’ arrives to slow things down. This doesn’t last long though, with ‘Of Jams, Smokes and Promises’ and ‘Stargazer’ reaching a mature punk sound before speeding the album back up with blistering riffs and drumming perfection.

This playing with pacing makes Newborn Mind an energetic and enjoyable addition to Napoleon‘s catalogue that will please fans and welcome others. The album leaves a lasting impression that will implore you to hit repeat again and again.