Tonight at the London Boston Music Rooms was an evident example of how far the metal scene in the UK/US has come. The bands of 2016 are so diverse which the Capsize/Landscapes tour showed.

Giants 1

First on stage is Giants who have named their band correctly. Their sound was huge and their stage presence was on point. It was extremely hard to not want to mosh while shooting. The Punk/Hardcore mix is refreshing yet familiar, which is easily why I found this one of the best sets from a UK band in 2016.

Giants 2

Following on from Giants is Capsize who are no stranger to the hardcore scene. From the get go it is clear who people have come to see as within minutes the stage the floor and myself are covered in multiple types of booze! Songs such as ‘I’ll Take the Blame’ and new song “XX” get the crowed moshing. Capsize bring an atmosphere similar to bands such as Being as an Ocean and Counterparts which is a loving yet aggressive vibe. I am sure that within the year Capsize will be headlining venues such as the London Boston Music Rooms with a sold out crowd.



Lastly it is the recently from the dead Landscapes who are also no stranger to the hardcore scene especially in London. With the new album ‘Modern Earth’ recently dropping it is nice to hear a new set list. Fans seem to know the stage movements from Shaun Milton like the back of their hands. Shaun is one of those vocalists that loves to be with his fans 90% of the set which I feel is extremely important to live shows. Songs such as ‘No Love’ rip the venue to the ground and show the true strength of Landscapes.



As I left the venue I was still in shock by how amazing the show was and that I would love to see a Landscapes/Capsize/Giants tour again in the UK soon!