Interesting Monday nights in Derby are few and far between, but the combination of Orcas, Press To Meco and Inme sought out to do something about that. The Venue in Derby is a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ type of venue, tucked away behind a Chinese restaurant and an RSPCA center, if you don’t know it’s there then you’d never know, so it seems weird that a band with Inme’s pedigree would chose to start their current tour in Derby.


Opening band Orcas are but babies to the touring circuit, with the band openly admitting that this tour is their first ever tour. There is certainly an air of freshness to Orcas, and despite their clear inexperience and nerves, what they do have is something raw and untapped. They have a different and interesting sound, and a cool boyband look I think they could find great success. You can only develop and grow as a band by taking chances and playing shows, and the young band look happy to be taking the chances afforded to them.

Press To Meco

This review was all set to be about headline band Inme, of whom we will return to later, but first let’s address the band who stole the show- Press To Meco! The trio are such an insanely tight unit on stage, there will never be enough superlatives to present them with. Their sounds is hard to define, with smooth and honestly at times beautiful; Pop Punk sounding vocals, heavy riffs and some of the best drumming skills gracing the UK music scene, Press to Meco are surely but one radio play away from going stratospheric, all the ingredients are certainly there.

Press To Meco

The biggest compliment you can show a band you’ve just seen live is to go home and download their album, well I insist you check my iTunes account.


I remember once buying a copy of Kerrang Magazine (other magazines available), and getting a video which featured Inme’s stand out ‘Crushed Like Fruit’, and after all these years it would seem that they haven’t lost it, yes they might have a slightly different line-up but there is still very much the same blood running through Inme’s veins and in an age of crowd funding, Inme certainly have their place and fan base.


With many festival sets booked across the summer, including Download Festival in June, could we see an Inme resurgence? If their live show has anything to do with it, we sure well could.

By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.