Independence Day

You join us at the start of an exciting new venture from the film squad here at Vulture Hound. The nerve-wracking first entry of what we hope will be an on going feature. Like a brand new restaurant with fresh paint and an overstocked menu we’re likely to fail but let’s give it a whirl shall we?

The Poster Gallery will feature VH writers choosing their favourite film posters and telling us exactly why they are so powerful to them.

Kicking us off for the inaugural article is Harry Jam…



A film reviewer given a brief to describe their favourite film poster. But more than that. A writer letting the reader ‘in’ by giving them a glimpse at their tastes and preferences. A lot about a person’s character can be discerned from their tastes and preferences, so be careful what you choose. My taste, preference, character? Is-


I’ll admit posters don’t wow me like they used to but two reasons this did. First I was eight when Independence Day came out (easily led on). Secondly it looked awesome.

The first aspect of the image that hit me was the grey thing hanging over the city (and not just a city, the most famous building in the most famous city in the world). Spoiler alert that grey thing in the sky is an alien weapon of mass destruction. It looks magnificent- dark, ominous, scarred, mysterious, Aztec-ian. Everything about the aliens looked magnificent in Independence Day. From the fighter ships they flew to the war vessels parked over the cities to the mother ship orbiting Earth. And who can forget Data (Brent Spiner) being strangled “to death” by an invader that looked close to a par with the most terrifying alien ever conceived (conveniently named) Alien.

The second thing that hit me being a seven-year-old kid walking past this ‘piece of artwork’ in the street was the sheer scale of the shot. Yes they’ve curved the image to make it look bigger but they do worst photo cropping these days and I don’t think that’s cheating I think that’s saying something about the film, something the film did live up to- the sheer size of the story- a story about aliens trying to invade the entire planet! Which they almost did! Which we almost saw! With three quick cuts to a British, French and Middle Eastern Army General in various front lines waiting by the comms equipment for orders to be sent from America- Brit General when they finally receive those orders: ‘it’s the Americans. About time they came up with something!’ Ahhhh, good auld 90s government propaganda- hits you over the head with a sledge hammer.

Enough about politics this is about movie posters! And the movie poster above has all the ingredients to suck a sucker into handing over their hard earned pocket money to go see a movie. Punch, panache, the wow factor, and delirious ambition.