I Am Wrath tells the story of family man Stanley (John Travolta), who watches his wife (Rebecca De Mornay) get brutally killed in an apparent act of random violence in a car park of an airport. Soon after, Stanley identifies his wife’s killer, but the police shortly release the killer and Stanley suspects the law dismissed him under corrupt circumstances, so he decides to hunt down his wife’s killer and seek out justice for himself.

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The beginning of the film starts very promisingly, with a fairly intense build up to the murder of Stanley’s wife, but it soon drops like a stone and almost feels like a cheap knock-off version of Taken or just a very poor attempt at a ‘gripping’ revenge thriller. Which is disappointing to say the least, as a potentially very good storyline and dark subject matter is buried underneath the bad content of the film.

John Travolta delivers a fairly good performance as Stanley, he certainly knows how to work a bad-ass action scene convincingly, but, at times, he lacks the strong emotional conviction needed for the role he is playing, which unfortunately takes away substance from the film and leaves you feeling rather disappointed again.

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Overall, there isn’t really much to say about I Am Wrath other than it was big let-down. It was mediocre at best, although there are some fairly decent action scenes, it certainly isn’t enough to hold your attention for 90 minutes, unless you like those sort of mindless action films. But generally, it lacked any meaningful substance and isn’t really worth watching.




Dir: Chuck Russell

Scr: Yvan Gauthier, Paul Sloan

Cast: John Travolta, Christopher Meloni, Sam Trammell, Amanda Schull, Patrick St Esprit

Prd: Rob Carliner, Michael Mendelsohn, Richard Salvatore, Nick Vallelonga

DOP: Andrezj Sekula

Music: Haim Mazar

Country: United States

Year: 2016

Run time: 92 mins


I Am Wrath is out on DVD and Blu-Ray now.