Alev Lenz

If the past few days of beautiful weather has got you primed for the eventual disappointment of a British summer, then our latest guest playlist may be able to inspire some welcome thoughts of escape.

Lovingly put together by Alev Lenz, the German born artist who has just dropped her latest single ‘Airport’, taken from upcoming new album Two-Headed Girl. It’s a track about wishing and longing for something, but always ending up terribly disappointed. Sound familiar? It’s three minutes of infectious rhythm and percussion, all delightfully accompanying Alev’s bittersweet voice as it bounces through a story of love and disappointment. 

Although constructed from a place of anger, there’s no denying the humour within. Like an Outcast/Fiona Apple hybrid, Alev Lenz is showing her ability to mix the fun with the heartache. 

So wherever you may be heading this summer (and for whatever reason), get prepared and take a listen to Alev’s ’10 Tracks to Listen to in the Airport Departure Lounge’


I believe I’m an airport specialist (or escape artist!) and, with my songs ‘Airport’ and ‘Flight 1701′ from my debut album, you can clearly see I have a thing for departures…

Perfect Day – Lou Reed
Let’s start with my ultimate ‘take me away’ song. The longing and aching in this song take me to Central Park and right to my heartache place; a good place for departure.

Airport – Alev Lenz
I just had to include my new song in this playlist! Look at the title! I actually wrote this sitting in an airport departure lounge!

My Moon My Man – Feist
The video for this song was enough to inspire me to include it in this playlist. What’s better than dancing to music others can’t hear?!

The Time is Now – Moloko 
Speaking of dancing; the time is now! This song makes me feel taller and confident. Listen to this and strut through the departure lounge and duty-free. Then suddenly stop to look at the products; it’s an instant music video shoot!

Chewing Gum – Annie 
This is an extremely poppy tune, enjoy it! I heard it at a party one day and it’s never left me since. I’m leaving and you’re chewing gum on my shoe. Bye!

Like a friend – Pulp 
I love these lyrics. Make your stories and match them to the faces in the airport crowd.

Only Pieces – Here We Go Magic
I find flying a transcending experience and this song chimes nicely with that.

The Swimming Song – Loudon Wainwright III
Where are you going to and why? A song about learning is always good for travels…

Gong to A Town – Rufus Wainwright
…and add song by his son! It’s about where we are heading.

Left behind – Zero 7
And the finale: What did you leave behind?

I hope you are boarding by now, but by experience I would say you’re probably still waiting…

Alev’s new album Two-Headed Girl is out June 17th. Hear her latest single ‘Airport’, below.

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