EMP!RE have taken their time to put out a follow up to 2013’s well received debut mini-album Where the World Begins. Latest EP Our Simple Truths sees the band offer their most polished release to date.

From the opening vocal, to the hardcore style breakdown on ‘Hands and Tongues’ it is clear that Emp!re are a band at the top of their game, finding a recording process which really suits them. There must be a temptation to rely on Joe Green’s incredible vocal range in the song-writing process as he could carry even the drabbest of songs, but not here. The riff is heavy and precise, with a well considered combination of instrumentation and vocals.

The musical development of these south-west chaps is incredible, with Our Simple Truths showing a noticeable change in direction, hinted at by recent singles. However, rather than abandoning the big chorus on which their reputation has been built, they have taken their sound further, added extra elements and produced five distinct and diverse tracks. Guitars embrace the gentle hum of feedback, crashing through choruses with some incredible riffs. Basslines switch from rumbling to choppy in the blink of an eye, combining with the drums to create a rhythm section that leads everything in and out of this EP’s multiple climaxes. This base provides a platform that allows Green’s vocals to effectively convey the emotive lyrics. It’s a combination that makes EMP!RE so special.

If there is one thing that this release cements; this band is destined for big things. Although they will always draw comparison to the likes of Biffy Clyro, Incubus, Rueben and Glassjaw, EMP!RE have proved they are capable of standing out on their own merit. A merit built on some incredibly accomplished song-writing. For a release which displays such a level of polish and accessibility, with any of the five tracks sounding like potential ‘singles’, there is a real sense of flow, with each track moving gently into the next. Everything has been considered to produce an EP which sounds like a single musical entity, a credit to their song-writing abilities.

If EMP!RE’s previous release’s have been enough to create such a strong reputation, Our Simple Truths will be the one to carry them further into the mainstream. A slight departure from the band’s alt rock roots, they’ve still managed to combine elements of post-rock, post-hardcore and pop punk, into a sound which remains, unmistakably, theirs.


Our Simple Truths EP is out now.