Daughtry – 02 Academy, Birmingham (Live Review)

As a last minute dash we were invited to Birmingham, the first of four stops on Daughtry‘s UK Tour. Daughtry are an American Rock band that were founded after frontman, Chris Daughtry came fourth on season five of hit US show American Idol. A poignant tour for some this, as April saw the shows finale and Daughtry were here tonight with their greatest hits.


Support on the tour was Blackpool boys Stranges Bones, a name I didn’t recognise but they smashed out an amazing set, they have this crazy gutsy, deep sound that resonated within the cavernous 02 academy, and it turns out I knew one of their songs, and it’s a banger! Who knew?


The Daughtry guys walk out onto the cleanest stage I’ve ever seen, (major props to the stage hands) no wires, no clutter, just space. And the stage here is properly huge. Luckily there are six pretty cool dudes now filling it, most of all frontman Chris.


Song one could have been the last song of the show, usually it takes time for a band to settle into the gig, get over those initial nerves and sink their teeth into the performance: but Chris was on point from second one. The first three songs, where I was in the photopit (gazing up at him…) were seriously electric. I’ve never felt a performance in this way before, they came out like an explosion.





The show was sold out, the room was packed and the crowd were buzzing, they knew every word. The crowd a mixed bag, as you’d expect with this kinda soft family rock genre, it’s non offensive, with clean instrumentals and beautiful; silky yet husky vocals, I don’t see why anyone couldn’t enjoy Daughtry.