Art comes in many forms, various shapes and sizes. With a simple phrase we can define art by saying “Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder”. It’s free range to do as you please, to be yourself or create an alter ego if you will. When you look at art do you feel inspired? Are you motivated? Do you feel dared to reach your dreams? Questions like these are exactly what Photographer Pierre Rougier inspires in people.

French/Canadian & only 19, Rougier started photography two years ago. Living in San Francisco at the time, he and a friend decided to take up the craft and learn more together. Photography had already sparked his friends interest, and knowing his dad had an old camera lying around he had a light bulb moment. The two would spend days exploring the city, finding the right places o take the “perfect picture”. After living a whole year in SF he was starting to see his city from a different perspective. He soon realized the thrill he was getting from photography. It wasn’t just a hobby anymore, it provided an escape. Like any passion whether it’s music, film or dance, photography allowed him to see the world a new. Changed his outlook on life and planted a seed that he would in due time watch grow before his eyes.81a9ee0d1a33815d068b5ab4093cd1e4

Still in high school and just on the brink of getting his diploma, Rougier moved back to a small city named Toulouse, France in the south province. With no way to explore, nothing to see and no way to feed his drive and hunger the burning flame that was his passion was beginning to die out. Like many artists, creators, innovators he thought about giving up. But then he decided to change his style and step outside of his box, his comfort zone.

The high rises and sunsets of San Francisco were no longer available, the Bay Area was nowhere to be found. Without the beauty of what inspired him to begin with around to keep him pushing forward, he got tired and lazy. He attempted to find something “Shot worthy” and tried to find the beauty in what others may think of as ugly. But nothing sparked his love for the craft.

Today, 2 weeks into Montreal he can feel the change. He can sense the rush of “New” and the love boiling in his soul once again. That same love that he found in San Francisco was once again a burning light for his creativity. Always on the move looking for new discoveries and new connections, wouldn’t be a great week if he didn’t spot something different each time he looked out from the lens.Few things are for certain, he loves the arts and loves helping people when it comes to photography. He doesn’t mind the challenges life may throw at him and accepts that sometimes you have to change your perspective in order to keep pushing forward.

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By Joshua Hathaway

Former Music Producer, current songwriter and music reviewer of sorts. 22 years old with an old soul. Used to write books (unpublished short stories and 3 novels as well as a biographical book.) but now I just write music and the occasional review on any number of genres and music pieces for fans and fellow music makers.