Mercury Plains stars Scott Eastwood as Mitch Davis a young, recently paroled unemployed man living in a small broken down Texas town and his only career prospects is working for his stepfathers shithouse rental business. Mitch is persuaded by a friend to go across the border for a night out on the town of beers and horizontal refreshment.

When his buddy ditches instead of paying for a lady’s services Mitch gets into a bar fight that grabs the attention of local paramilitary leader The Captain (Nick Chinlund) who offers him $5000 a week to help bust up the Mexican drug cartels, could this opportunity be too good to be true?


The film takes a strange turn when Mitch agrees to join & is driven out to a compound in the middle of nowhere to join a team that comprises of other misfits in their teens or early 20’s. The character that Scott Eastwood plays from this point on looks so awkward in amongst these kids that the potential that the opening had is deflated with scenes of him in raids, digging ditches that sit alongside overwrought scenes of nothingness in shacks and a shoehorned sex scene with Mitch & Alyssa (Angela Sarafyan)

The acting of the young team members is very weak and its the type of performances that can be seen in high school educational movies. It was great to see Nick Chinlund as the main bad guy he’s an actor who across his career has given memorable performances usually in henchman roles most famously when he was asked to “put the bunny back in the box” by Nick Cage in 1997’s Con Air.

The only other reason to watch Mercury Plains and that’s to see whether Scott Eastwood (who’s currently filming the eighth episode of the Fast and the Furious franchise) has the screen presence that his actor/director Clint had throughout his filmography. The young actor does get the chance to try out his father’s trademark ticks and show that he has potential to furrow his own acting career path sadly this low-fi modern western isn’t the movie to do it Scott has a role in this summers comic book movie Suicide Squad he’s one to look out for at least.Mercury-Plains-Movie

This 2016 release Mercury Plains by writer/director Charles Burmeister shows that he too also has potential helming further movies with his strongest directorial ability is how he conveys on screen a strong sense of visual geography within the frame and confines of low budget movie making.

Mercury Plains isn’t a great or particularly memorable movie but it’s well-made, and it features an intriguing performance by Scott Eastwood that shows promise with regard to him becoming a movie star. This UK release from Signature Entertainment sadly only contains movie trailers for the companies upcoming releases but the film is well transferred to disc.


Dir: Charles Burmeister

Scr: Charles Burmeister

Cast: Scott Eastwood, Nick Chinlund, Angela Sarafyan

Prd: Eric Watson, Houston Hill

DOP: Philip Roy

Music: Austin Wintory

Country: United States

Year: 2016

Runtime: 102 mins

Mercury Plains available on DVD from 2nd May 2016.