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The second episode of new ITV drama The Secret brought another disturbingly dark and creepy instalment of the real life double murder story committed by Hazel Buchanan and Colin Howell.

In this episode, things start to take a much darker turn as Hazel and Colin begin to discuss their horrific murder plan, and shortly after everything begins to fall into place and the tone of the episode completely changed.

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Although there are still a fair few slow scenes, similar to the first episode, the impact of these scenes is completely different from the previous episode, this time adding a new chilling tension to the story as you watch the true premise unfold.

James Nesbitt, who plays lead role Colin Howell, delivers another excellent performance, portraying a seriously dark and twisted character, who at the same time doubles as a very convincing ‘ordinary’ family man, which makes his role twice as chilling.

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Geneveive O’Reily, playing opposite Nesbitt, also delivers a very convincing performance as Hazel Buchanan. O’Reily gives a very emotionally unhinged performance as Buchanan, which adds to the dark, twisted tone of the story.

On the whole, the second episode of The Secret is a huge improvement on the first; a lot more watchable and easier to get to grips with, the tension executed extremely well, from the well-written scenes to the incredible acting, ensuring you become even more hooked as the real horror of the story unfolds.



Dir: Nick Murphy

Scr: Stuart Urban

Cast: James Nesbitt, Genevieve O’Reily, Katherine Kingsley, Summer Moore, Jason Watkins

Prd: Jonathan Curling

Country: UK

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Year: 2016


The Secret Fridays on ITV1 at 9:00pm.