Even if you’re a huge music fanatic, you’ve probably reached that stage where you have to skip through every song on your Spotify playlist because you’re so bored of every single one. You might even be having this problem right now, shaking your fist at the sky and yelling “bring me more music, goddammit!”. Luckily for you, your prayers have been answered: Vulture Hound has put together a list of brand spanking new albums which should liven up your playlists in the coming weeks!

Here are 10 albums which we’re highly anticipating…

1. blink-182 – ‘California’ (out 1st July) 

The whole Tom DeLonge debacle (which was basically just everyone, including Tom himself, being very confused about whether he was still in the band or not) has had everyone talking about the new blink-182 release. Would DeLonge’s replacement, Matt Skiba, live up to the fans’ high standards for the band? Would he be obliged to pronounce ‘head’ as ‘yead’? And could this be a real comeback for the pop-punk legends? We’ll have to wait until 1st July to find out, but if the first single ‘Bored To Death’ is anything to go by, it seems like the band are throwing back to their popular early 2000s pop-punk style.

2. letlive. – ‘If I’m The Devil’ (out 10th June) 

If you’re a fan of high-energy, slightly offensive, politically charged post-hardcore, letlive. will be right up your street. Frontman Jason Aalon Butler is well-known for voicing his opinions, as well as for hanging from stage ceilings during sets, and so his music has real depth and meaning. letlive.’s fourth studio album largely focuses on the Black Lives Matter movement and the issue of police brutality in the US, and already it seems that the band are branching out more with their sound. Yet it will probably also be filled with the same aggression and rock’n’roll influences of the letlive. that we know and love. Check out the single ‘Good Mourning, America’ from the album!

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘The Getaway’ (out 17th June) 

Only a couple of weeks ago, Anthony Kiedis had us all worried that the ‘curse of 2016’ would strike again when the Chili Peppers were forced to back out of a headlining gig, after the frontman was rushed to hospital. All seems good now – thankfully. And what a year the band has in store now, including a headlining slot at Reading and Leeds and the release of their first studio album since 2011. It’s already sounding as funky and catchy as ever, so this is definitely one to be excited about. Here’s a tease of the new album, in the form of single ‘The Getaway’.

4. Beartooth – ‘Aggressive’ (out 3rd June) 

With a title like ‘Aggressive’, you can probably guess what to expect from the upcoming Beartooth album, even if you weren’t previously aware of the band’s existence. It’s hardly going to be bubblegum pop or country music, after all (although who knows, maybe ‘aggressive country music’ is a genre now?). The metalcore group’s second album is hotly anticipated, after a debut album that catapulted the band into the consciousness of rock fans and set their status as ‘one to watch’. Can this upcoming release prove a worthy follow-up? Check out ‘Loser’ and see what you think!

5. Emarosa – ‘131’ (out 8th July) 

It’s been 10 years, and a number of line-up changes (including the departure of three founding members since the last record), but Emarosa is still going strong. If you haven’t listened to any of their previous releases, we strongly advise you get right on it – you’ll thank us later. Their unique brand of melodic post-hardcore has been a winner time and time again on each album, so I’m understandably excited for this release. If you need any more convincing, have a listen to the single ‘Cloud 9’.

6. Moose Blood – ‘Blush’ (out 5th August) 

Yup, it’s another up-and-coming band to sink your teeth into! If you can get over the slightly odd name, Moose Blood might just be your new favourite band. They’re something of a throwback to old-school emo music, although admittedly the first single from the new release, ‘Honey’, sounds rather upbeat musically. It perhaps isn’t as strong as songs from the previous record, such as ‘Gum’ and ‘Swim Down’, but we have yet to hear the rest of the album, so fingers crossed!

7. The Kills – ‘Ash & Ice’ (out 3rd June) 

Listening to The Kills, for some reason, makes me feel like going out for a late-night drive through quiet, dimly-lit streets. Putting aside the fact that I am currently lacking in both a car and a driving licence, I think that this feeling is propelled by the dark, yet chilled-out, atmosphere of the music, and something which is suited to being listened to alone. It’s been a long 5 years since the last Kills release, after guitarist Jamie Hince trapped his middle finger in a car door and developed a deep bone infection, leaving him unable to move the finger. He has since had to relearn how to play guitar, but thankfully he did – this album is shaping up to be a good’un already.

8. Real Friends – ‘The Home Inside My Head’ (out 27th May) 

Real Friends have never been the cheeriest bunch, with songs such as ‘I’ve Given Up On You’ and ‘Scared To Be Alone’, but their music is comforting in a gloriously moody way. Trust us, this band is a surprisingly useful remedy for a bad day. At the forefront of modern pop-punk, along with the likes of State Champs and Neck Deep, there will be plenty of hardcore fans desperate to hear Real Friends’ latest offering – and I, for one, can’t wait to hear it either. Here’s ‘Colder Quicker’ to whet your appetite for some wonderfully miserable pop-punk.

9. The Amity Affliction – ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ (out 12th August) 

“Another post-hardcore band?!”, I hear you say – but bear with us, because The Amity Affliction could be the perfect addition to your playlist. Admittedly, they are a refined taste, and the chances are that you will either love or hate their sound. However, fans of this band truly connect with the music, which often focuses on struggles with mental health issues. For a taster of the new album, listen to ‘I Bring The Weather With Me’.

10. Brand New – As Yet Untitled (release date not confirmed) 

Okay, so we don’t know much about this one yet, as Brand New are keeping the details tightly under wraps. So far what we have is a cryptic Instagram post by a record label owned by the band members, and the first song, ‘I Am A Nightmare’. Release date? No idea. Album title? Not a clue. But fans of the emo legends won’t be expecting anything less than greatness from the new album, which the band have hinted might even be their last *sniffles*. Until we get more information on the release, feel free to listen to the incredibly catchy ‘I Am A Nightmare’ on repeat.

By Emily Mee

Cat lover and Music Writer for Vulture Hound.