Sometimes you find yourself specifically going to a gig to see a band play a thirty minute support slot, with little interest in seeing the headline act. Sometimes you also go to a gig and are pleasantly surprised by an act that you originally thought you had little interest in. The paring of Tellison and Muncie Girls provided just this experience.

First time we’ve hit a gig Birmingham’s Sunflower Lounge, it is completely unassuming (from the exterior) and we were there to finally see Exeter’s finest Muncie Girls.DSC_0161The band are fresh off the release of debut album ‘Capsize to Bedlam’ and have been on our radar for sometime and boy did they live up to expectations. The young trio are a mix of driven punk rock chords and poetic and personal lyrics, covering everything from the NHS, education and feminism.DSC_0154As expected Muncie Girls are stars in the waiting, and with everyone touting them to break out in 2016 there is certainly no reason why they won’t achieve this, with talent in abundance to back a clearly solid work ethic.

Going into the show to review both bands, but being there mainly for Muncie Girls; we were pleasantly surprised by headliners Tellison.DSC_0183To see Tellison in the street they don’t exactly scream “we’re a rock ‘n’ roll band”, but when they walk onto stage something primal awakens and the band come alive.DSC_0232The bands Facebook page labels them as Indie Rock but in reality their live sound is heavy and loud, and sheds that soft Indie stigma.Their tunes and performance are passionate and emotive, you can feel the meaningful lyrical content as it hits you in the chest, and they guys are super chilled and totally cool as they bash them out. DSC_0100Tellison are without a doubt a band who can hold their own, and are deserving of the headline run they are on and they’re pulling the crowds to prove it.

Vulture Hound are always first to put our hands up when we make a mistake, and underestimating Tellison is one of those times. Both bands on this tour are phenomenal talents, both bring something different and with the tour only just reaching the half way point there is still chance to check them out. DO IT!

By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.