North London duo release debut mixtape Big Smoke Autumn Blues tape on April 18.

Hailing from North London, Subculture Sage is the duo of rising producer Subculture and up-and-coming rapper Hypeman Sage. The pair have been a team for the last few years, performing across the globe and releasing 2014’s self-titled EP alongside various standalone track. On April 18, Subculture Sage will release its debut mixtape, Big Smoke Autumn Blues, which will be available as a free download. In the meantime, check out their new single ‘Gold.’

They may have only been a unit for a brief time, but Subculture Sage have a synergy that belies their tenure. The driving force is Hypeman Sage’s flow, a rapid-fire spray of lyrics ranging from cutting witticisms to troubling personal insights. But Subculture’s got his back the whole time, as his production style readily morphs to keep pace with and highlight that heady stream of consciousness.

Watch the accompanying video below. Shot in Zimbabwe, the clip follows a series of struggling miners in the town of Red Church. What seems like an odd visual choice is rather poignant given the track’s emotional scope and intensity.

In support of the mixtape, Subculture Sage have several upcoming U.K. and European tour dates. Check out the full schedule below.

Subculture Sage 2016 Tour Dates:
22/04 – Leeds, Hifi CLub
23/04 – London, Queen of Hoxton
05/05 – Leeds, Hifi Club
11/05 – Bulgaria, Meadows in the Mountains
01/07 – Scotland, Kilburn Garden Party

By Chris Coplan

Over the last seven years, Chris has held a number of titles in music journalism, including news writer, reviewer, and columnist. He lives in Chicago, a mere stone's throw from Lake Michigan, and owns a dog he didn't want to name Blade.