Subculture Sage

Subculture Sage – Big Smoke Autumn Blues (Album Review)

This North London duo are made up of producer Subculture Sounds and MC Hypeman Sage, who have released their new mixtape, ‘Big Smoke Autumn Blues’ which is available as a free download now.

The mixtape features new tracks ‘Pitch Black’ and ‘Nuff Ish On My Mind’. These two tracks show a much heavier and deeper vibe to their music, which is influenced by the grime/jungle seen they both grew up around.
They are loved by BBC 1 Radio DJ, Zane Lowe who said they are “So fresh and exciting”, and also along with others like Clash magazine and Mixmag.

I’m not usually a massive fan of hip hop, as I find it doesn’t have much of a constant tune, and the vocals always seem a bit heavy and aggressive, but I did really enjoy listening to this duo, as their sound is not quite as harsh.
Their influences don’t seem to just stem from hip hop, as you can feel other genres in their songs as well; like indie, urban and jazz.

Sage describes the meaning of ‘Nuff Ish On My Mind’ as being, “all about how we suffer from our egos. We shouldn’t be so caught up in ourselves and just enjoy the now and let life take you where you’re meant to go. All we should be doing is what makes us smile and laugh. Make mistakes, be wrong, learn from your experiences, pick yourself up and crack on. Nobody cares if you fall over, everybody just wants you to get back up. Control your ego and don’t let it control you.”


Upcoming live shows for 2016 so far include:
11th March – Hootenanny (Brixton/London)
14th April – Badaboum (Paris)
22nd April – Hifi Club (Leeds)
23rd April – Queen of Hoxton (London)
5th May – Hifi Club (Leeds)
11th May – Meadows in the Mountains (Bulgaria)
1st July – Kilburn Garden Party (Scotland)